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About BIIA

The Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) is a trade association for providers of a wide range of business information services that assist other businesses to manage growth and to reduce risk. Our members’ services spectrum includes information content, platforms, workflow software, decision systems, compliance and risk assessment tools.  One of our largest member segments are consumer credit bureaus and credit information companies.

BIIA provides a neutral open forum for its members to debate and resolve common issues with users, regulators, government and the public information sector.  For this purpose BIIA holds conferences on a regular basis.  BIIA advocates a legal regulatory environment that benefits users of information services and our industry.  

BIIA has become an indispensable resource for business information professionals.  www.biia.com has become the leading industry portal on business information.  BIIA’s database covers industry, company and country news going back to 2005.  The BIIA library contains over 7,500 posts with industry announcements, expert opinions, white papers and presentations.  Over 1,000 information professionals from our membership access www.biia.com.  The BIIA network on LinkedIn is now over 3,000 members strong.

Credit & information are intertwined.  With this maxim in mind BIIA was formed in 2005 in Hong Kong by several leading information content companies and consultancy firms.  Our initial purpose was to promote and protect the emerging business information industry in Asia, but our global reach has expanded.  Today BIIA has over 65 members and is affiliated with a large number of related industry associations.  BIIA also welcomes members from the user community, regulatory agencies and public sector information.

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