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Contribution of Advanced Credit Reporting System to Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability

According to an age old maxim credit and credit reporting are intertwined.  Economic growth is reliant on a well-functioning credit system providing access to credit to individuals and businesses.  Access to credit however hinges on the availability of accurate, reliable and timely information.  Without such information there will be no economic growth. Ömer Kayhan Seyhun, Senior Specialist at the Central ... Read More »

De-Risking SMEs: Why Banks Are Ditching FinTech SMEs — Without Warning

Post-financial crisis regulations have forced banks to become more diligent and aggressive against financial fraud, including money laundering. In response to new rules, financial institutions in the U.K. have heightened their practice of de-risking — that is, withdrawing bank accounts or other financial services from customers deemed to be high-risk. Financial institutions assure authorities that their increase of de-risking practices ... Read More »

Australian Risk Climate: Positive Sentiment amongst Credit Managers Declines in 2016

After five years of increasing optimism, positive sentiment amongst credit managers has taken a dip, with only 31 per cent of participants expecting future economic conditions to have a positive impact on businesses, down from 47 per cent in 2015. Released today to coincide with the 2016 Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) Conference, the Veda National Credit Managers Survey 2016 assesses ... Read More »

Forrester: Navigating Change: 2017 Predictions

The consequences of today’s customer-led, digital-centric market are becoming clear: great change is upon us (and already happening in some cases). Forrester’s 2017 predictions reveal the big business and leadership, customer experience, and technology changes we anticipate in the coming year — and what to do about them. Business and leadership  The necessary and unavoidable changes to leadership and talent ... Read More »

Blockchain: No Likelihood of Blockchain Revolution Occurring any Time Soon, Says Bank of England

In a recent speech, a Bank of England executive has reiterated the central bank’s view on distributed ledger technology, saying that blockchain revolution is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Speaking at the CREST Twentieth Anniversary Conference, London, Andrew Hauser, the BoE’s executive director, banking, payments and financial resilience, noted that currently the discussion is dominated by the potential of blockchain and ... Read More »

Strategic Risk Management Puts Sustainable Growth in Reach

White Paper:  Institutions can increase profitability and performance, understand and manage present and future risk, and meet shifting regulatory requirements with strategic risk management. After the recent economic downturn, many institutions are expanding into new, less familiar or higher risk strategies to grow profitably, which often results in increased exposure to operational and financial risks. At the same time, low ... Read More »

Maintaining Trade Credit Stability in an Age of Disruption

The credit (re)insurance market helps to provide a measure of corporate stability in an increasingly volatile and connected global trading environment. It is fair to say that trade credit finance oils the wheels of the global economy as it navigates to an increasingly uncertain destination. In this white paper we outline the challenges and risks facing global corporates in today’s ... Read More »

Company Data – The Full Picture for Legal Professionals

Following the Panama Papers scandal, introduction of the PSC register, and increasingly complex ownership structures, Chris Bull talks to Roger Carson Roger Carson, co-founder of Encompass Corporation and Wayne Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder, Encompass Corporation, about why getting a grip on company data has been so critical. The leak of the Panama Papers serves as a forceful reminder to corporate ... Read More »

The Role of an Information Company in the Education of Risk Management and Business Security

For the past two years Credinform Russia has consistently contributed to the popularization of risk management education in Russia.    Methodology of financial analysis preventing insolvency risks, modern perspectives of Russian and foreign counterparties’ identity and solvency check are the most popular current topics by attendees of training programs where Credinform takes a part.  It’s crucial to learn how to ... Read More »

Credit Management: 5 Biggest Mistakes B2B Credit Managers Make

Credit managers must balance the conflicting needs of revenue and business credit. But there are core best practices which are universal to all our efforts to “bring the money in”. Below are 5 mistakes credit & collection professionals make and how to fix them. Not giving reasons for your credit decisions… You should verbalize your well thought out, sound reasons ... Read More »

PERC Publishes Study on Personalized Credit Report and Score Counseling

Personalized Credit Report and Score Counseling: It works and consumers like it. Why the courts are constraining it and what Congress should do PERC, as part of National Financial Literacy Month, has released preliminary results of a study on the effectiveness of personalized credit counseling services showing that more than two-thirds of consumers had an increase in their credit scores ... Read More »

NACM’s 120th Credit Congress & Expo

June 12 – 15, 2016  Caesars Palace Las Vegas In June 2016, NACM will be hosting the 120th Credit Congress & Expo at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Come be a part of this grand tradition of education, professional development and camaraderie among business credit professionals from around the world. Attending NACM’s Credit Congress is an incredible value and a priceless ... Read More »

Assessing Impact of Credit Data on Preventing Over-indebtedness – For Members

In the beginning of February 2016, the Financial Services User Group (FSUG) set up by the European Commission to provide expert input on financial services initiatives, published a position paper on “Assessing the impact of credit data on preventing over-indebtedness, contributing to prudential regulation and facilitating access to affordable and quality credit” (the full position paper is available here). Our ... Read More »