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Stopping Fraud with Efficiency

Newest technology doesn’t mean best when it comes to stopping fraud I recently attended the Merchant Risk Conference in Las Vegas, which brings together online merchants and industry vendors including payment service providers and fraud detection solution providers. The conference continues to grow year to year – similar to the fraud and risk challenges within the industry. In fact, we ... Read More »

Acquisitions and Analytics Solutions Buoyed 2016 Business Information Industry Results

It is the annual report season and BIIA has captured below the segment results of some of the most prominent information providers who had released their earnings up to February 25, 2017.  BIIA publishes company results on a regular basis, complete with charts, however the reports are password protected.  We are offering this review as an encouragement for our readers ... Read More »

What Is a Cybersecurity Posture?

The world of cybersecurity and cybercrime is rapidly evolving and a new vocabulary is developing to match. A relatively new addition to the cyber-lexicon is the concept of a ‘security posture’ or ‘cybersecurity posture.’ What does this refer to? The cybersecurity posture of an organisation refers to its overall cybersecurity strength. This expresses the relative security of your IT estate, ... Read More »

Contribution of Advanced Credit Reporting System to Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability

According to an age old maxim credit and credit reporting are intertwined.  Economic growth is reliant on a well-functioning credit system providing access to credit to individuals and businesses.  Access to credit however hinges on the availability of accurate, reliable and timely information.  Without such information there will be no economic growth. Ömer Kayhan Seyhun, Senior Specialist at the Central ... Read More »

FICO and EFL Partner to Extend Access to Credit in Turkey, Russia and Mexico

As part of its FICO Financial Inclusion Initiative, analytic software firm FICO announced a strategic partnership with EFL Global to expand credit scoring options for lenders and consumers in markets outside the US. FICO will offer EFL’s psychometric scoring alongside its own credit scoring products in global markets, with the initial focus on Turkey, Russia and Mexico. “We estimate that ... Read More »


100,000 Free MyCTOS Score Report Giveaway to kick start education and empowerment campaign CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia introduced the ‘What’s Your CTOS Score?’ initiative, a first-of-its-kind education campaign targeted at consumers of every life stage. Aimed at transforming the mind-set and attitude of Malaysians towards responsible credit management, the campaign is in response to the Government’s call for ... Read More »

TransUnion Survey: Credit is Important to South Africans but Few Understand How Reports are Generated

More than 72 percent of a group of South Africans who participated in a TransUnion survey released recently, agree that their credit score is important to them, but only 45 percent say they understand how credit reports are generated. In terms of the above mentioned survey, most consumers are also confused about credit scores and reports themselves as only 36 percent of ... Read More »

PERC Publishes Study on Personalized Credit Report and Score Counseling

Personalized Credit Report and Score Counseling: It works and consumers like it. Why the courts are constraining it and what Congress should do PERC, as part of National Financial Literacy Month, has released preliminary results of a study on the effectiveness of personalized credit counseling services showing that more than two-thirds of consumers had an increase in their credit scores ... Read More »

The Skills That Matter in a World Awash in Data

BIIA member and thought leader Anthony Scriffignano is Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet.  He provides his view on the subject of the skills that matter in a world awash in data.   There is a paradox put forth by the French philosopher Jean Buridan which is commonly referred to as Buridan’s Ass. One interpretation goes something like this: ... Read More »

FICO Observation: Will 2016 Be the Year of Bad Analytics?

FICO’s TJ Horan in his fraud predictions for 2016, said that the meaning of “analytics” will continue to blur and get more confusing. Here’s why: Increased demand for analytics has given rise to a plethora of companies suddenly claiming they understand and can “do” them. But the reality is that very few of these “analytics arriviste” companies have done the real ... Read More »

How Can we Use Data to make better Business Decision?

CXOTalk;s Michael Krigsman talks to Anthony Scriffignano, who is the Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet CXOTalk brings together thought leadership content from the leading experts, practitioners, authors and analysts. This content includes blog posts, short videos, and long episodes. Click the topics below to enjoy this rich resource. To listen to the interview click on this link CXOTALK Read More »

US Credit Climate: Lenders May Look to Alternative Data for Growth

TransUnion Research Found that as Competition Heats Up for New Borrowers, Lenders May Look to Alternative Data to Assess New Credit Populations A recent TransUnion survey found that three in four lenders said it is increasingly difficult to find and acquire new customers. Nearly 75% said they are challenged by a continued low interest rate environment, which is spurring more competition ... Read More »

FinTech Upstarts Challenge Usefulness of Traditional Consumer Credit Scoring, the FICO Score

A Wall Street article “Silicon Valley: We Don’t Trust FICO Scores” is currently making waves concerning the usefulness of traditional credit scoring, the FICO score.  A new generation of lenders (FinTech upstarts) is challenging the usefulness of one of the bedrocks of the modern financial system: the FICO score. One could take umbrage with a number of statements made in ... Read More »