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Blockchain:  Distributing Time-sensitive Information via Blockchain

Patent Application Reveals Nasdaq Planning Blockchain-Powered Data System.  Nasdaq is seeking to patent a system for securely distributing time-sensitive information via a blockchain. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released the patent application – entitled “Systems and Methods for Securing and Disseminating Time Sensitive Information Using a Blockchain” – on August 3, though it was initially submitted in late January of ... Read More »

China’s Central Bank Vows to Push for Blockchain in Five-Year Plan

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is releasing new details about a forthcoming five-year development plan focused on its strategy for advancing technology use in the country’s domestic financial industry. According to the announcement by the central bank, the PBoC intends to actively push forward the development of new technologies such as blockchain and AI. It also plans to strengthen its research on applications of fintech ... Read More »

Thomson Reuters Launches Startup Incubator in Switzerland

Thomson Reuters announced the launch of Thomson Reuters Labs™ – The Incubator.  Located in Switzerland, the Incubator will host early-stage entrepreneurs building next-generation products in big data, advanced analytics, distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other transformational technologies.  As part of the official program, startups will receive access to Thomson Reuters world-class data and content sets, mentoring from experienced executives ... Read More »

Blockchain Made in China

Blockchain work continues apace in China. Its central bank opened a digital currency research institute, shortly after releasing new details about a forthcoming five-year development plan in which it specifies a development push for new technologies such as blockchain and AI.   A blockchain research lab is also being set up in Shenzhen by a group of research institutions and ... Read More »

World Economic Forum Publishes Blockchain Governance Taxonomy

The World Economic Forum may have a solution to blockchain governance, one that could boost usability and access. In its latest paper, titled “Realizing the Potential of Blockchain”, the organization proposes a framework to distribute “stewardship” of the technology, tasking stakeholders with ensuring that development benefits a broad base. This could be established, the paper argues, through a global, distributed ... Read More »

Singapore Central Bank’s Blockchain R&D

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has revealed a three-step plan to connect the world’s central banks via distributed ledger technology. The two-phase effort called “Project Ubin” would see global central banks settling cross-border transactions in real time via a blockchain. Unlike the current system, where only high-value or institutionally crucial transactions are settled in real time, Project Ubin is being designed ... Read More »

Alibaba Turns to Blockchain in Fight Against Food Fraud

Alibaba has teamed up with PwC to develop a system to reduce food fraud using blockchain tech. The Alibaba Australia project, which also includes AusPost and nutritional supplement maker Blackmores as partners, is aimed to improve the way foods are tracked, cutting down on the risk of counterfeit products on the market. The so-called ‘Food Trust Framework’ effort will see the partners build ... Read More »

Thomson Reuters Releases BlockOne IQ into Blockchain Developer Community

Move Underlines Thomson Reuters Commitment to The Exploration of Applications of Blockchain Technology Through the Provision of Market Data Via a Smart Oracle Thomson Reuters is the first major industry player to make a smart oracle available in the blockchain ecosystem for lean experimentation purposes. Organizations are now able to represent real market conditions more accurately in their proof of ... Read More »

Forrester Report: A Secure Blockchain Will Transform Security and Risk Management

Secure Payments, Cryptocurrencies, Anti-Money Laundering, Identity Verification Demand New, Distributed, And Tamper-Evident Transaction Databases Forrester Research has recently issued their latest report on the above topics which should be of high interest to our members.  Compliance (KYC, Anti-Money Laundering), identity management (authentication and verification), will be key components in any blockchain transactions. Here are some of the Key Takeaways: Tougher ... Read More »

Blockchain: Singapore’s Central Bank Details New Blockchain Trial

Singapore’s central bank has published new details of distributed ledger trial that saw it issue digital tokens tied to its national currency.  The report, released recently, details work conducted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in partnership with a group of domestic banks, along with professional services firm Deloitte and distributed ledger consortium R3. The publication comes months after R3 opened ... Read More »

Could we be getting closer to a blockchain-based, central bank-backed digital currency?

BIIA was at Consensus 2017 last week in New York.  Could we be getting closer to a blockchain-based, central bank-backed digital currency?  Yes, but not in the way most people imagine. The combination of technology, regulation and geopolitical shifts points to the emergence of a new type of digital asset: a cross-region blockchain-based currency.  Last year, Barbadian startup Bitt announced ... Read More »

JPMorgan Formally Quits R3

JPMorgan Chase has formally exited blockchain consortium R3, following in the footsteps of fellow titans Goldman Sachs and Banco Santander who split last November. JPMorgan was one of nine original members of R3, which has since seen its ranks swell to more than 70 of the financial services industry’s biggest players. The departure comes as R3 continues to pursue fundraising ... Read More »