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Thomson Reuters Launches ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier to Help Companies Simplify Product Classification of Imports and Exports

Thomson Reuters announced the release of ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier, a software application designed to ease product classification related to cross-border trade. In a recent survey of over 1,700 global trade professionals conducted by Thomson Reuters and KPMG International, 91 percent of respondents cited product classification as a challenge. ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier is fully integrated with ERP software applications ... Read More »

Introducing the WAND Utilities Taxonomy

Our member Wand announced the latest addition to its WAND Taxonomies is the WAND Utilities Taxonomy, the first in its new suite of utilities taxonomies. According to Wand:  “It provides terms common to all utility companies including Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, Water Utilities, and Wastewater Utilities.  You may be familiar with our WAND Electric and Gas Utilities Taxonomy which has ... Read More »

Introducing the WAND Facilities Management Taxonomy

WAND has released a brand new taxonomy designed specifically for businesses that also have facilities management needs: The WAND Facilities Management Taxonomy. In this taxonomy of 604 categories and 325 synonyms are terms relating to all areas of Facilities Management including Maintenance and Repairs, Housekeeping, Sustainability Management, and Facilities Services.   You’ll also find terms relating to Safety and Security, Policies and Procedures, ... Read More »

Announcing the WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal

WAND’s business philosophy is that our pre-built taxonomies help organizations jump-start the development of their own high-quality taxonomies.   Instead of starting from scratch, WAND Taxonomies provide a solid starting point that can simply be customized.  This helps our clients save months in their taxonomy development process and reduces frustration because it is significantly easier to edit and revise a ... Read More »

WAND Finance and Investment Taxonomy

The WAND Finance and Investment Taxonomy has recently been updated, and expanded There are the incremental updates that you would expect to find along with some rather large additions to complete the area of Investment Banking. We have included Investment Banking Services and terms relating to Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office Services.  We have also added a section ... Read More »

WAND Information Technology Taxonomy Gets a Major Update

The IT world is constantly changing and growing and, of course, the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy grows and changes as well.  We don’t always talk about our minor updates, but major updates deserve an announcement We are proud to announce that the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy has undergone a major expansion.  We’ve added brand new top level terms for Data, Computer Graphics ... Read More »

WAND Taxonomy in SAS Ontology Management

Taxonomy and ontology are critical in text analytics because they give context and meanings to the words in the text making them more than just keywords.  WAND provides taxonomies and ontologies for nearly every industry vertical and business functional area.  These models can jump-start a taxonomy initiative for a text analytics application by giving a strong foundation of terminology for ... Read More »

The WAND Health Insurance Taxonomy – the Latest in the Insurance Industry Series

In browsing through our Taxonomy Library Portal, you might have seen our WAND Insurance Taxonomy.  It is a good overall taxonomy covering the Insurance Industry.   However as a result of the Affordable Care Act and the massive changes to Health Insurance, we decided that it was time to expand that portion of the original taxonomy into a standalone taxonomy. The WAND Health Insurance ... Read More »

WAND Introduces Life Insurance Taxonomy

If you are familiar with our Taxonomy Library Portal, you might have seen our WAND Insurance Taxonomy.  It is a good, broad, overall taxonomy covering the Insurance Industry. Yet, partially as a result of the Affordable Care Act and the massive changes to Health Insurance, we decided that it was time to expand portions of the original taxonomy into standalone, ... Read More »

WAND Launches Fire Department Taxonomy

Fire Departments carry a lot of responsibility.  Not only do they fight the fires in our communities, they also rescue people from dangerous situations and provide a variety of fire and emergency safety education programs for everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens. Firefighters also spend many, many hours in training throughout their careers.  Unlike most of us, they also stay ... Read More »

WAND Releases the Police Department Taxonomy

Police departments do much more than simply hand out tickets.  A police department is responsible for public safety as well as educating the public and providing community services. Police Officers also spend many, many hours in training throughout their careers and become very familiar with the crimes that are committed in their jurisdictions. The WAND Police Department Taxonomy addresses these topics and ... Read More »

WAND Customer Service Taxonomy Released

Wand is proud to announce the latest entry in the WAND Taxonomy Library – the WAND Customer Service Taxonomy.  Customer Service is a vital element in most businesses. It can make all the difference in the success of a company. The WAND Customer Service Taxonomy provides a foundation set of 400 terms and 299 synonyms covering important area topics. You can see the ... Read More »

WAND Taxonomy Library Portal to Accelerate Taxonomy Projects

Learn how our clients are using the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal to accelerate taxonomy projects Numerous companies around the world are now using the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal to speed up creation of taxonomies for their organization and to spread the word internally about how taxonomies can benefit the business. We wanted to share some tips from these customers about ... Read More »

Wand Releases the Wand Telecommunications Taxonomy

Wand is proud to announce the latest entry in the WAND Taxonomy Library – the WAND Telecommunications Taxonomy.   Telecom can be more than just a cable or cellular provider.  In the 21st century, a Telecom can deliver a combination of  Internet, Cable, Phone and Cellular services to their customers. While offering plans, bundles, services and equipment, they also need ... Read More »

Expert System and WAND Partner in Enterprise Information Management

Expert System US, Inc., a leader in semantic technology, and WAND, Inc, the leader in the development of enterprise taxonomies, today announced a partnership that will enable businesses to implement a simpler, more accurate organization of data and documents. Making internal and external information more “findable” allows enterprises to be more innovative, to manage the relationships with their customers more effectively ... Read More »

WAND White Paper: Building the Business Case for Taxonomy

BIIA member WAND has published a brand new white paper called  “Building the Business Case for Taxonomy”. The white paper makes the case why companies should be investing in search and information management to improve overall productivity and utilization of information assets.  From there follows a discussion of why taxonomy is one of the critical components to effective information management. ... Read More »

SharePoint Fest – Denver 2014

BIIA member WAND will be exhibiting at the Denver SharePoint Fest at the Colorado Convention Center September  22 – 24, 2014.  Wand will be showing off the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal for SharePoint and talking about how WAND is helping our customers speed up the process of bringing high quality taxonomies into the SharePoint term store. At SharePoint Fest – Denver ... Read More »

WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy Released

Wand has released the WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy Top level terms in this taxonomy include Medical Services, Patient Admission and Discharge, Medical Records, Healthcare Systems Management, Administration, Facilities Management, Medical Facility Oversight, Healthcare Laws, Forms and Charts as well as Policies and Procedures. The WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy is designed for any medical related facility and includes 1343 terms and 386 synonyms.  ... Read More »