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Experian to Make Companies’ Credit Moves Safer Overseas

Experian, the leading global financial information services company, said it plans to increase investment in the countries and regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative. It said the increased investment, especially in the Middle East, would better serve Chinese companies by offering them credit authorization, helping them link to cross-border trade partners and preventing fraud in overseas markets. “Chinese ... Read More »

Supply Chain Management:  Thomson Reuters Projects Platform Launched to Target MENA Construction Sector

Thomson Reuters launched its latest online platform: Thomson Reuters Projects. Designed to cater to professionals in an increasingly complex, sophisticated and competitive construction industry, TR Projects will introduce reliable information, transparency and actionable insight into one of the region’s key development Industries. With the construction market’s growing demand for a platform that can provide detailed project information, Thomson Reuters Projects ... Read More »

Thomson Reuters and SAP Team to Help Businesses Manage Compliance and Third-Party Risk Challenges

Integration of World-Check Data with SAP® Business Partner Screening offers organizations improved vigilance across the globe Thomson Reuters is collaborating with SAP to allow its World-Check content to be available to customers within the SAP® Business Partner Screening application. The aim is to help organizations better manage their third-party compliance and risk challenges. This will allow World-Check’s risk intelligence data ... Read More »

Largest Supply Chain Disruptions in 2016

There was an interesting study released by EventWatch highlighting the top 5 supply chain disrupting events of 2016. EventWatch monitors supply chain resiliency and found these five single events to cost the most in delays, disruptions, and risk. Here’s their list: 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan Series of earthquakes in Japan through April Super Typhoon Haima Typhoon Napartak Typhoon Medi ... Read More »

BIIA Welcomes TruNarrative as a Member

We founded TruNarrative in 2016 with a clear goal: to make safe commerce simpler. Safe commerce is simpler when IDV, Fraud and Compliance checks run in a single unified platform. Simpler for consumers, simpler for our customers. In safe commerce, you spot your good customers faster while weeding out villains more easily. You curb losses, write-offs, and fines for non-compliance. ... Read More »

CRIF and Bohai Credit enter into a strategic partnership to help solve the financing problems of Chinese enterprises

CRIF signed a collaboration agreement with Bohai Credit, a credit information company operating under HNA USOLV, a subsidiary of HNA Group, with the objective of building a supply chain finance platform to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in China to access credit, and manage the high costs of financing and the risk of over-indebtedness. By capitalizing on CRIF’s solid ... Read More »

Companies are Sinking in Risk: Thomson Reuters 2016 Global Third Party Risk Survey

Many companies are struggling to monitor risks posed by their suppliers, distributors and partners due to internal pressures, lack of actionable data and insufficient attention to potential consequences Global companies are opening themselves up to greater risk including bribery and corruption and modern day slavery by conducting due diligence on just 62 percent of their suppliers, distributors, and third party ... Read More »

Dun & Bradstreet Tests Blockchain for Trade Finance

Using a blockchain ledger to vet trading partners and others in the ‘financial supply chain’ would make transactions more secure and faster, Dun & Bradstreet said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Dun & Bradstreet Corp. is testing a Blockchain Distributed Ledger for offering its proprietary corporate data to business customers. The data and analytics company plans to ... Read More »

Dun & Bradstreet: New Global Supply Chain Solution Helps Companies Identify Human Trafficking

First Human Trafficking Risk Index that Provides Visibility into a Company’s Family Tree and Corporate Linkages Helps Prevent Key Procurement and Related Reputational Risks In a hyper-connected global economy, where businesses and consumers increasingly make decisions based upon brand reputation and responsible corporate practices, companies large and small need increased visibility into the multiple layers of their supply chain to ... Read More »

Dun & Bradstreet Recognized for providing the “Best Analytics for Credit Scoring and Supplier Risk Assessment” by Global Finance Magazine.

Global Finance Magazine named Dun & Bradstreet a 2016 global winner for providing analytics-based insight and foresight including credit scoring, country risk assessments, supplier risk assessments and business economics information. In the supply risk space, these reflect solutions that help companies better manage, understand, and take proactive actions against hidden risks that could negatively impact their network of strategic suppliers. “Dun and Bradstreet is ... Read More »

Outsell Forecasts the $1.2B Third-Party Risk & Compliance Management Market to Become Critical During Economic and Political Uncertainty

Outsell, Inc., the world’s only research and advisory firm focused on the $766 billion information industry, announced publication of a new report, “Disruptive Opportunities for Third-Party Screening.” In this report, Outsell provides an in-depth view of the third-party risk and compliance management landscape. Outsell highlights several trends that are creating challenges, yet driving opportunities in this space. Key players in ... Read More »

Alibaba Ups the B2B Ante on SME Access to Working Capital

Chinese eCommerce conglomerate Alibaba is once again bolstering its business-to-business capabilities.  Reports in the South China Morning Post on Jan. 13 said Alibaba revealed having more than 25 partnerships with credit rating agencies and financial institutions throughout the globe as part of its strategy to link SMEs on its platform with working capital. The collaborations mean small and medium-sized enterprises can use ... Read More »

Alibaba Launches Online Platform SMILE for Indian SMEs

Indicating the importance it attaches to the Indian market, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, which operates wholesale trading platform Alibaba.com, has launched an online platform, SMILE, exclusively for Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMILE, which stands for Small and Medium Industries Leveraging Export, will provide Indian SMEs access to global business trading counterparts as well as one-stop trading solutions including ... Read More »

Due Diligence Demand to Skyrocket in Compliance Hike

Demand for enhanced due diligence services is expected to rise after US firms were warned to ramp up Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols and customer due diligence if they are to escape tougher non-compliance penalties… The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and US Treasury told financial firms at a July ‘Compliance Outreach Program’ conference to prepare for more stringent examinations on ... Read More »

Due Diligence in the Supply Chain at the BIIA 10th Anniversary Business Information Conference

The Role of Intelligence in the Disruption of Human Trafficking, Slavery and Forced Labor If one thinks that governance, risk and compliance deal with KYC and financial risk alone you may be grossly mistaken.  While human trafficking, slavery and force labor may not be on your radar screen, how do you know whether one of your key suppliers is involved ... Read More »

Trading with Russia: 10 Principles that Help Make Your Supply Relationship Successful

BIIA member Atradius offers ’10 Principles that can Help Make Your Supply Relationship Successful’ Apart from the extensive sanctions, supplies to Russia do not normally require any more preparation and legal review than supplies to any other country, which is generally good news. The legal basics that should be observed in relation to Russian customers are largely the same as ... Read More »