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Country Risk Climate: US Consumers Place Personal Loans Atop the Credit Mountain

New TransUnion study finds struggling consumers who possess multiple credit products tend to pay their unsecured personal loans first When faced with the choice of which debts to pay and which to miss, consumers in financial distress tend to prioritize unsecured personal loans ahead of other credit products such as auto loans, mortgages and credit cards. These findings were released today during ... Read More »

Country Risk Climate: US Millennials Pose Greater Insurance Risk than Previous Generations at Same Age, but May Be Worth It in the Long Run

New TransUnion insurance study explores nuances of millennial policyholders Millennials in their early 20s tend to be even riskier drivers than previous generations such as Gen X at the same point in their lives. The new TransUnion (NYSE:TRU) insurance study also found that as millennials reach their early 30s they perform as well, if not better than Gen X drivers of ... Read More »

Country Risk Climate: Problems in U.K. Retail to Impact Real Estate-Related Credit Risk

Following the break of the United Kingdom with the European Union, retailers in Britain have been affected by changes in consumer confidence and the increase of sourcing costs due to the depreciation of the pound. The U.K. nonfood retail industry faces profitability challenges, which will impact the use of real estate in the industry, with a subsequent effect on the ... Read More »

Unprecedented Cyber Attack Hit UK Healthcare Services

Security Experts Dash to Contain Ransomware Attack.  Sensitive data exposed by deep flaws at the heart of the interconnected global digital economy.  Over 150 countries affected. Authorities around the world are scrambling to tackle one of the most virulent cyber attacks to date, as fears mount over the safety of huge amounts of sensitive data, ranging from medical records to ... Read More »

Meet our Member the Credit Bureau of Brunei

The Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) has, pursuant to Section 42A of the AMBD Order, 2010, established the Credit Bureau (“Biro Kredit”) ​with the objective to promote a sound credit culture within the country’s financial system. The Credit Bureau is a unit under the Regulatory & Supervision Department of AMBD.  In September 2012, the Credit Bureau commenced its services to ... Read More »

Australia Risk Climate: Overall Credit Applications Rose by 1.6%

Growth in business credit demand moderate, supported by strength in commercial mortgages Overall business credit applications rose +1.6% (vs March quarter 2016) Growth in business loan and asset finance applications rose, while trade credit applications fell (vs March quarter 2016) Growth in commercial mortgage applications increased +25.7% (vs March quarter 2016) The Quarterly Business Credit Demand Index by Equifax, which ... Read More »

Country Risk: International Debt Trouble Ahead?

Over the last several months the amount of dollar debt accumulated in the emerging markets has become a concern for the likes of the IMF and others. This is connected to a number of economic developments over the past year or so – slow growth in some of these nations, the low interest rates in the US and the lack ... Read More »

Examining the Credit Cycle: Is This as Good as it Gets?

Posted by Dr. Andrew Jennings at FICO More than 70 straight months of US job growth, the official unemployment rate down below 5%, and average hourly earnings growing at a seven-year high of 2.9%. Signs of approaching full employment finally allowed the Fed to see enough stability to inch up rates without being seemingly blown off course by events elsewhere. ... Read More »

US Risk Climate: Small Business Owners Remain Optimistic

A surge in small business optimism that started last November was continued in March, according to the National Federation of Independent Business’ (NFIB) Small Business Optimism Index. Though the index slipped slightly, it still posted a strong reading, with gains in actual earnings, capital expenditure plans and job-creation plans. Sales expectations, however, dropped eight points, signaling that the index could ... Read More »

UK Credit Climate: Manufacturing closures decreased in 2016!

The UK manufacturing sector saw 1,676 company closures in 2016, compared to 1,793 in 2015. The sector’s insolvency count has consistently declined over the previous 4 years, indicating a recovery from the bad reputation that lingered around it during the recession. As company closures rose 24% as a whole across the UK, it is very positive that manufacturing companies are ... Read More »

Transparency: Russian Banking Groups are Required to Disclose Interim Financial Statements

Parent Organizations of Banking Groups are Required to Disclose Consolidated Interim Financial Statements according to New Requirements According to the Directive of the Bank of Russia of 16.01.2017 №4265-U «On Amendment to the Directive of the Central Bank of Russia of December 3, 2012 №2923-U «On Disclosure and Presentation of consolidated financial statements by the Parent credit organizations of the ... Read More »

Moody’s Database Reveals Insights into Corporate Debt Structure

Analysis of data from a database of debt instruments from Moody’s Investors Service may yield helpful insights ahead of the next economic downturn. The data reveals how default types change over time, how recoveries differ depending on the instrument’s position in a company’s debt structure and whether private-equity ownership influences recovery rates. Moody’s Ultimate Recovery Database traces close to 5,500 ... Read More »

Australian Risk Climate: Expectations Remain Buoyant

Dun & Bradstreet Australia published its Business Expectations Survey for Q2 2017 (final results), the media release and full analysis. To arrange an interview with Stephen Koukoulas, Economic Adviser to Dun & Bradstreet, please contact 0467 647 508 or [email protected] Key highlights from this month’s survey findings: Expectations for profits continue to rise, hitting a two-year high for Q2 2017 ... Read More »

USA Credit Climate: Boom Or Bust – What is The Future of the US Retail Industry?

Retail Sector Analysis by Creditsafe Reveals Surprising Strength Despite Recent Setbacks Creditsafe USA released the findings of an in-depth analysis of the US retail sector for Q1 2017.  Despite recent Chapter 11 filings by such notable retailers as Sports Authority and American Apparel and store closings by other retail heavy-weights such as Sears and JCPenny, the US retail sector as whole ... Read More »

Save the Date: Global SME Finance Forum 2017

The Global SME Finance Forum 2017 will be held November 1-3 in Berlin, Germany. The annual flagship event of the SME Finance Forum will bring 400+ senior executives from commercial banks, development finance institutions, fintech companies, as well as regulators to focus on leveraging digital banking to serve MSMEs.MSMEs have long been an important customer base for financial institutions, and ... Read More »