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Keep the Date: BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference Bangkok, Thailand October 18 to 20, 2017

BIIA Biennial Conference 2017

BIIA invites its members from the business and credit information industry, users of information services, government policy makers and regulators to attend the BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference, where we intend to discuss disruptive technologies  impacting our industry and the businesses of our customers.

Venue: The Okura Prestige Hotel, Bangkok Thailands

The Okura Prestige Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

October 18, 2017:

  • 13:00 hrs:  Registration opens
  • 17:00  hrs: Membership meeting.  Full Members only!
  • 18:00 – 20:00 hrs:  Welcome reception.  All attendees are invited

October 19, 2017,  09:00 hrs:  The main conference sessions will commence.  Digitization and technology will be the opening themes.  The day will end with a networking dinner.  

October 20, 2017, 09:00 hrs: Conference sessions will continue.  Conference ends with a networking lunch and a key note:  India Embraces Digitization spawning new opportunities for information providers.  A role model for emerging and mature economies.

The BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference is much more than a traditional gathering of credit and business information industry professionals.   This is a critical event for our members, customers, policy makers and regulators who are seeking information and insight on current and future challenges in a fast moving information environment.   

The overarching theme of the event is Embracing Digitization and dealing with the challenges of convergence in the Credit Ecosystem:  It is all about technology, digitization of data, financial inclusion of consumers, Micro businesses, SMEs and corporate trade credit providers.  Last, but not least, the requirements by policymakers to protect the privacy of individuals, protecting their identity, warranting cyber security, complying with Anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC, causes a conundrum for users of information services and our industry because of the lack of access to information.

BIIA is inviting professionals from the lending community, the fast growing Fintech sector, credit registries, credit bureaus, e-commerce sector, the trade credit and rating businesses to learn how others are tackling the challenges of disruptive technologies:

  • The Next Technology Revolution: Where Will Technology Take Our Industry and the Businesses of our Clients?  It is all about Engagement, Insights and Supporting Technologies.  A new wave of technologies that will remake industries and customer experience will begin to emerge in 2017.  What are the implications on users of information and our industry?   “Lurking in the Wings” will be Blockchain where identity and reputation (credibility) will play a center role in a distributed ledger environment. Our member Forrester Research will be providing us with an update on technology trends.
  • Fintech and the Credit Information industry:  How to benefit from new technologies and how to benefit from information sharing.  We have invited members of the Thai Fintech Association to discuss how disruptive technologies impact lending and data flows between the lending community and credit bureaus.  Will Fintech be the fast track to Financial Inclusion?  The Chairman of the Thai Fintech Association and former Thai Finance Minister, Mr. Korn Chatikavanij, has accepted our invitation to participate in a panel discussion.
  • BIG Data, Smart Data, Alternative Data or simply Additional Data create opportunities, but pose challenges.  Will this lead to financial inclusion for individuals, micro businesses and small businesses? What position will regulators take?  How to improve cross border data flows?
  • Will we be able to win the war on fraud and to stem the tide of ever increasing data breaches?   Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches are ever present threats – it is no longer just an industry issue.   BIIA is taking part in the B20 policy discussions to be presented to the G20.Will the G20, B20 and other government institutions be prepared to take up the fight?
  • The Compliance and Identity Conundrum:  How can we assist our clients with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Beneficial Ownership Compliance notwithstanding the demands of tightening privacy and data protection?  Identity and credibility will be a new cornerstone in decision marking as monetary transactions move onto mobile platforms.
  • Open Trade Credit, Trade Credit Insurance, Trade Finance and Credit Management:  How will these functions play out in an e-commerce world?   E-Commerce platforms generate their own credit performance data and offering transaction based guarantees.  Identity, credibility, AML/KYC compliance and quality performance within supply chains demand new solutions.
  • China has become the largest Fintech market which warrants a review of China’s Fintech Ecosystem – Lending to Individuals, Micro and Small businesses.   This has implications for information services.  In the absence of traditional data Fintech companies resort to alternative data sources in conjunction with the state of the art analytics for lending purposes.  Ant Financial, the largest Chinese Fintech company, will attend out conference and discuss their experiences and current practices in online lending, the use of alternative and traditional data sources and decision systems
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Confirmed Speakers:

BIIA Confirmed Speakers


The BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference is supported by our Thai members, the National Credit Bureau (NCB), BOL Business Online and Forrester Research.

Other supporting organizations are the Thai Fintech Association and the SME Finance Forum of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group).

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The conference fee includes welcome reception on October 18th at 18:00 Hrs.; Lunch and dinner on October 19th and lunch on October 20th.  It does not include hotel accommodation.

For sponsorship opportunities contact Joachim C Bartels ([email protected])

Sponsorship opportunities are:  

Platinum US$ 10,000 no longer available
Gold: US$ 5,000 no longer available
Silver: US$ 2,500 (1) available

Information on our previous 2015 conference can be accessed at BIIA 2015

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