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Keep the Date: BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference Bangkok, Thailand October 18 to 20, 2017

BIIA invites business and credit information industry professionals to attend the BIIA 2017 biennial conference where we intend to discuss disruptive technologies  impacting our industry and the businesses of our customers.  

Venue:  The Okura Prestige Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand   

The conference will start with a Welcome Reception in the evening of the 18th October 2017.  The main conference sessions will commence on October 19th and 20th, 2017.  We will update this post as the program develops.  Please stay tuned. 

Specifically we are inviting industry members from the consumer credit information, credit bureaus, registries, commercial credit information, SME rating agencies and the FinTech community to share their experiences on financial inclusion and the digitization of commerce.  During the conference we will discuss:

  • The Next Technology Revolution: Engagement, Insights and Supporting Technologies
  • How disruptive technologies impact lending and data flows between the lending community and credit bureaus. 
  • Will we be able to win the war on fraud and to stem the tide of ever increasing data breaches? 
  • How can we assist our clients with Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance notwithstanding the demands of tightening privacy and data protection?
  • Identity will be the new money for our industry as monetary transactions move onto mobile platforms
  • BIG Data, Smart Data, Alternative Data or simply Additional Data create opportunities, but pose challenges.  Will this lead to financial inclusion for individuals, micro businesses and small businesses? What position will regulators take?
  • Open Credit, Trade Credit or Trade Finance:  How does it play out in the e-commerce world
  • Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches are an ever present threat – it is no longer just an industry issue.  The G20, B20 and other government institutions are now taking on the challenge –  BIIA is taking part in the B20 proceedings
  • “Lurking in the Wings” will be Blockchain where identity and reputation (credibility) will play a center role in a distributed ledger environment

The BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference is supported by our Thai members, the National Credit Bureau (NCB) and BOL Business Online 

Please contact Mark Cochrane ([email protected]), our program chair or Joachim C Bartels ([email protected]

This is also a call for papers from our members and qualified industry experts.











For sponsorship opportunities contact Joachim C Bartels ([email protected],com)

Sponsorship opportunities are:  

Platinum US$ 10,000 no longer available
Gold: US$ 5,000 no longer available
Silver: US$ 2,500 (6) available

Information on our previous 2015 conference can be accessed at BIIA 2015