attendeesOne can hardly believe the WCCRC is 20 years ‘young’ and it has successfully concluded its 10th conference.  Approximately 200 information professionals attended the recent 10th WCCRC event in Toronto.  As in the past attendees came from every continent. 

Key topics for this year’s conference were as follows: 

Not surprising FinTech, Cyber Security, Credit Scoring, Financial Inclusion and Cross Border Data Flow were high on the agenda.  A discussion about Developing markets and Credit centered on the age old maxim that credit and information are intertwined.  On does not exist without the other.  The IFC (World Bank Group) provided the usual update on global credit reporting developments and issues worked on by various committees (including the International Committee on Credit Reporting (IRRC).  

Sheerin Peter (brochure photo) 300BIIA’s Peter Sheerin, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Consumer Credit Information Services chapter, participated in a panel on Global Credit Reporting Issues.  His presentation can downloaded from: toronto-presentation-final

The 11th WCCRC will take place in India in 2018 to which we look forward to.

Source:  BIIA Editorial Team