2015 March 29 – 30 Shanghai, China, Mingde Grand Hotel, Shanghai, China 

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The theme of the Summit is Leadership-Moving Forward and will provide an international platform for the presentation, discussion and debate of diverse and professional approaches and research on recent developments in competitive intelligence and knowledge management.

The areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Business intelligence
  • Business intelligence in organizations
  • Business intelligence vs competitive intelligence vs knowledge management
  • Competitive analysis techniques
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Assessing and sustaining a competitive advantage
  • Building cross- functional competitive intelligence teams and networks
  • Competitive insights and strategic foresight
  • Competitive intelligence and knowledge management theory and education
  • Competitive intelligence applications in different types of industries
  • Competitive intelligence as an important contributor to the knowledge base of an organization
  • Competitive intelligence’s emerging role in developing countries
  • Competitive intelligence ethical boundaries
  • Competitive intelligence methodologies
  • Competitive intelligence on technology and patents
  • Competitive intelligence organizational models
  • Competitive strategies for enhanced decision- making
  • Developing basic analytical skills in competitive intelligence
  • How technology is revolutionizing competitive intelligence in organizations
  • Staffing up for a world class competitive intelligence unit
  • The newly established competitive intelligence/business intelligence function in organizations
  • Organizational knowledge
  • Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Knowledge management and information sourcing
  • Knowledge management and innovation
  • Knowledge management strategies
  • Knowledge technologies
  • Strategic organizational knowledge and intelligence
  • Operating in the knowledge economy
  • Strategy, innovation and growth
  • Thinking strategically from intelligence to decision making
  • Creative and critical thinking for advanced strategic performance
  • Win-Loss Analysis
  • Multi-scenario Planning

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