2022 Biennial Conference May 23rd to May 25th, 2022 Singapore

Singapore May 23rd to May 25th, 2022
Park Royal Collection Marina Bay Hotel

The Conference took place as scheduled with 170 delegates attending

Our conference programme, which focust on ‘the customer relationship in a data-driven digital world’, embraced some of the significant changes thrust upon customers and members of our industry.

The recent pandemic and the resultant accelerated pace of digital change, with more and more customers wanting to interact digitally, will have a profound and long-lasting impact on how organizations manage the relationship with their customers going forward.

Digitization is enhancing the speed in which customers can change how they interact with an organisation and the number of organizations they can interact with.

Digital relationships are changing the TRUST dynamics. How do organizations maintain TRUST with their clients when the relationship is more remote and more dynamic?

Digitization is also changing the dynamics of the information ecosystem. Ownership of information is shifting as a result. Individuals and businesses are more aware of the value of their data and regulators and policymakers are using digitization to push organizations to open up their data to these groups.

A key part of the TRUST relationship is how organizations manage the information they hold about individuals and businesses. How do you maintain the TRUST when information is more accessible by third parties as a result of opening up data?

The growth in digital services and the opening up of data brings both increased opportunities to expand the relationship with a customer, but also increased threats such as fraud, money laundering and cybercrime. The digital relationship also creates a new dynamic when it comes to compliance with regulatory requirements for both financial services and trade finance.

Digitization has increased the volume and velocity of available information offering new alternative data sources for use in making better more sustainable risk decisions. This new increased data requires different levels of processing and analytical capabilities.

Key to making use of these new alternative data sources will be the ability to analyses this information and apply the knowledge derived from these sources. This conference explores the changing dynamics of the customer relationship as a result of the increased data created by digitization and how this data, analytics and technology can help manage the key areas of the relationship.

The conference was a great success with 170 delegates from 20 countries attending

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