EncompassBIIA member Encompass, Australia has recently published a White Paper on ‘Overcoming the Hidden Costs of Information Management’.  

Many organizations in the financial services, accounting and legal industries rely on commercial information in order to make business critical decisions on a daily basis. Although commercial information is readily available from various sources, the real costs are often hidden.  These can include the cost of time and resources required to efficiently use, share and manage data, not to mention the cost of human error in its interpretation.

A data visualization and management platform can offer real value to these organizations by facilitating the search, review, interpretation and management of relevant commercial information, fast. Visualization of information presents a new approach to effectively interpreting and managing commercial data that helps increase operational efficiencies and reduce risks.

This White Paper outlines some of the current issues faced by financial services, accounting and legal sector professionals in the space of commercial data management and how Encompass software can help provide pertinent solutions.

To read the full story click on this link:   Encompass White Paper_July 2013

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