We came across a recent start-up called Ark Analytics AG based in Switzerland.  The company offers a range of analytics capabilities for use in banking, corporations and insurance.  It is our understanding the founders and the expertise of Ark Analytics came from Hellastat Greece information and rating company.

CreditArkCREDITARK® is a complete solution for the support of decision making in the credit granting process and for the optimization of the available working capital management.   It is a software developed by Ark Analytics to meet clients’ customized expectations. The system is a synthesis of behavioural, quantitative and qualitative scoring models that result to one score per client on a 12-point scale. The score produced by the scorecards is used by an optimizer that suggests credit limits and credit policies to the user in order to minimize overdue payments and defaults, thus ensuring healthy cash flows.

Analytics for Banks:  1) analytics needed by banks for assessing and managing credit risk, losses given defaults and value-at-risk and 2)analytics for regulatory compliance (Basel II and III) and more specifically for capital adequacy calculation and management and reporting to the ECB, EBA and Central Bank (country regulator).

Analytics for Corporation: Worldwide top creditors (telecommunications, energy, building materials, pharmaceuticals, whole-sellers etc) have no credit risk assessment and management tools. Ark Analytics provides IT-based solutions solutions that transfer the credit risk management know-how from the banking sector to the real economy, especially since the world crisis created the inelastic need for liquidity

Analytics for Insurers:  Ark Analytics is developing a special product (SARK) that will operate as an integrated solution for insurers worldwide for meeting Solvency II requirements

CreditArk is a complete solution for supporting decision making in the credit granting process and for the optimization of the available working capital management.

CapitalArk is a solid and robust application for assisting banks to achieve sound risk capital management in compliance with either regulatory (Basel II and III) or custom requirements. Although CapitalArk mainly aims at fully covering credit risks, it manages data output from other systems (e.g. models estimating market or operational risk) in the context of the regulatory reports it

RatingArk covers entirely the needs for quantitative and qualitative analysis for businesses by offering a set of advanced tools as full financial and cash flows analysis for annual or interim statements or even trial balances, automatic financial ratios estimation and automatically created financial projections. Moreover, the application, besides the above tools, incorporates a model mechanism, which is able to support any number of scoring models as long as they use as their input part of (or all) the available information.

Ark Analytics A.G. is based in Zurich, Switzerland

Source:  Ark Analytics