The Alibaba Group announced it will extend its cloud-computing services to overseas markets beginning in March this year.  The company did not disclose the specific markets it plans to target.

This development comes on the back of U.S.-based Amazon’s recent announcement of the launch of its cloud computing services in China.  Alibaba’s cloud-computing division, Aliyun, will set up data centres outside China to serve local enterprises as well as Chinese companies’ overseas operations.

Aliyun’s director, Zhang Jing, was quoted saying, “After five years of development and three years of commercialisation, Aliyun is able to provide sustainable services to customers, backed by its resourceful parent, Alibaba.”  In August, ChinaSoft International announced a strategic agreement with Aliyun and the Lishui municipal government for a state-funded cloud project in Zhejiang province.

Source:  Business Strategies Group Hong Kong  –