Announcements Full Year 2013Analytics, Decisions Systems, Fraud Prevention, Platforms and Big Data continue to be the dominant factor in business development based on the number of company announcements tracked by BIIA.

There has been an increase in the category ‘Other’ information services, thus we took a closer look what these announcements entailed.  Not surprisingly there were a considerable number of announcements concerning Cloud computing services, mobile apps, exhibits and e-commerce.

Announcements Full Year 2013  Other SegmentsIn terms of the development method there has been a shift from internal development to acquisitions and partnerships which the latter growing from 19% to 27% of total announcements.

The Promise of Big Data:  Advanced analytics and ‘big data’ are set to play a big role in risk management. Large corporation are using a combination of tools already to manage supply chain risks from the supplier Announcements Full Year 2013 Methodsto the customer.   Risk assessment processes usually involve a combination of data driven tools ranging from advanced analytics, fraud prevention, workflow, platforms and compliance tools. These tools make risk management more efficient, freeing managers and executives to focus more on the task of managing risk across the enterprise.  This may involve greater scrutiny of customer and suppliers, thus the challenge will be to avoid offending existing and prospective customers, respecting their privacy and confidentiality.  Assessing suppliers pose equal challenges as they have to be assessed within a complicated logistical environment.

Source:  BIIA Analysis