• BIIA is one of few Business Information Industry Associations that is able to provide a global perspective of industry practices and regulatory issues.  This applies in particular to consumer and commercial credit information, decision analytics, marketing data, d-a-a-s, workflow tools and platforms etc.
    • BIIA Members appreciate the fact that they can refer to BIIA as a neutral industry forum, representing an industry perspective rather than an individual opinion as recently demonstrated in a EU Commission workshop on credit scoring
    • BIIA supports members in regulatory matters by providing comprehensive data on regulatory issues and practices
    • Alerts can be found on:  https://2018.biia.com/category/regulatory-news
    • Specific topics can be found in the BIIA Library:  https://2018.biia.com/category/industry-library  (use pull down menu)
  • BIIA is the only Business Information Association that provides industry advocacy in the Asia Pacific Region on the subject of credit information.  For example:
    • BIIA has supported its members in addressing regulatory issues in China since 2008.  In mobilizing affiliated industry associations, in particular those of representing users of credit information, we were able to work with regulators to treat commercial and consumer credit information more distinctly in the regulations
  • BIIA participates in APEC Forums on the subject of financial inclusion and information services
  • BIIA presented at UNCTAD forums and at a EU commission workshop providing an industry perspective of best demonstrated practices and code of conducts
  • BIIA attends industry meetings on behalf of its members and provides valuable feedback on general developments in the industry
  • BIIA organizes Business Information Forums from time to time either alone or with partners.  BIIA held conferences with the FCIB, Incisive Media and EASDP/SIINDA

BIIA Forum


  • The BIIA Network Group on LinkedIn has now over 2,000 members
  • The BIIA Portal:  wwww.biia.com has become a prominent and important source for information for members, users of information, regulators and the general public

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