New WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery Enables Visual Analysis of Blended Data Sources With the Most Complete Platform

At its 2014 Summit User Conference, Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity and integration solutions, announced the launch of WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery.  The web-based, self-service visual analytics tool is designed to help analysts, power users and business users visually analyze complex data, create insights and enhance decision-making across the organization.

InfoDiscovery is a flexible solution that enables self-service visual analysis for all stakeholders, ensuring that the right tool or app is available to meet the given need and facilitating information access and sharing across the enterprise. InfoDiscovery enables analysts to retrieve and decipher data from spreadsheets, departmental databases, enterprise data warehouses, and third-party data sources faster than ever before in a true self-service environment. The solution also allows power users to combine charts, graphs, maps, and other data sources to create sophisticated visualizations and publish dashboards made accessible via InfoApps™. InfoDiscovery gives users the ability to visually analyze more data than ever before with the assurance that the data is secure, auditable, shared, and governed.

InfoDiscovery’s Server and Repository features enable users to share works in progress with other authors and facilitate collaboration as author numbers grow. Upon completion, visualization projects are housed in the solution’s secure, adaptive InfoDiscovery Portal, which streamlines and accelerates the deployment of InfoDiscovery visualizations for all levels of users. Results can be easily shared as needed across other WebFOCUS environments for larger deployments.

InfoDiscovery aggregates and visualizes large volumes of data from multiple business dimensions, allowing users to uncover critical findings that often go undetected in other summarized reports and dashboards. The solution also features advanced geographical analysis with the help of intuitive, compelling maps that blend spatially-related data with external demographic or market information. Mapping visualization helps users better understand customer trends, locate inventory, and detect fraud.

Additional InfoDiscovery features include:

  • High-Speed Analytics Sandbox: The tool’s hybrid, in-memory columnar data store can be used to house large volumes of data and enable lightning-fast retrieval, aggregation and calculation. Larger numbers of users can be accommodated without a massive drain on memory when multiple data sources are used with this technique
  • Massive Scalability:  InfoDiscovery is easily scalable, even among users outside the firewall, and there is little degradation of processing speed or performance as the amount of users and data grows
  • Governance, Version Control, and Auditing: Unlike other data discovery tools, InfoDiscovery allows users to “visualize responsibly” by offering metadata management, user monitoring, data quality management, and enhanced security. This provides true accountability, eliminating flawed insights and inconsistent answers
  • Enterprise-Class Security: InfoDiscovery delivers a robust out-of-the-box solution with security controls that can be administered at different levels to efficiently and seamlessly prevent data sharing with unauthorized users. Powerful security features include single sign-on, metadata-based deployment, multi-tenancy templates, and a fine-grained security model

“Information is the fuel that drives companies forward. Helping key stakeholders easily access data and glean meaningful insight is critical for organizations looking to remain competitive in today’s marketplace,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders.

“InfoDiscovery is designed to open up visual information access and analysis capabilities to a wide group of users, equipping even more stakeholders with the intelligence and insights needed to improve decision-making. The launch of InfoDiscovery speaks to Information Builders’ commitment to equip customers with the best BI and analytics solutions available today.”

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