Blockchain Platforms 2A consortium of financial institutions led by startup R3CEV has completed a trial of five different blockchain solutions. The blockchain concepts tests were presented by Eris Industries, Ethereum, IBM, Intel and Chain, according to reports by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. Preparations began early last month, culminating with the test during the last two weeks of February.

Forty banks took part, drawn from the collection of banks that have thrown their support behind the R3-led consortium. A number of those banks have launched trials of their own in addition to the work conducted as part of R3. Cloud infrastructure was reportedly provided by Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.

The test comes in the wake of a smaller trial conducted in January. Eleven banks took part in that test, leveraging the Microsoft Azure blockchain-as-a-service platform to use a version of the Ethereum network. Future tests are expected to take place with the involvement of government regulators.

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Source: Coindesk