Cedar Rose 250BIIA member Cedar Rose has launched new product additions covering the MENA region:

  • Cedar Rose is now providing EID&V – Electronic Identity and Verification services for the MENA region. There is limited data available for the region, but Cedar Rose is providing access to the unique identification data on the 17 million individuals currently on their files who are mainly shareholders, directors, senior managers and business people, though in some countries consist of a large percentage of the entire population. Cedar Rose CR methods of purchasing and receiving dataThe database is growing rapidly and secure API’s have been set up with EID&V providers in the FinTech industry in the USA, Canada and the UK. Data is provided only with the individuals’ consent at the time of purchasing online, or setting up online/merchant banking facilities.
  • Cedar Rose is also now offering several different options for the receipt of orders and the delivery of reports. Orders can be placed and delivered in the following ways:
  • Via the company’s new Annual Subscription service to our database CRiS, an online platform provides access to information on over 1.4 million companies in the MENA region probably the largest of its kind in the world
  • Via the company’s website cedar-rose.com where registered clients can search for companies and order any type of report online
  • By email to orders@cedar-rose.com in the traditional way, delivered by email in Word, .xml or PDF format
  • Via an API directly from and to the client’s internal systems or website for white labeling

The infographic on the right desribes the process.

Source:  Cedar Rose