As we reported November 8th 2016 and January 2nd, 2017 BIIA continues to be part of the B20 Cross-thematic Group on SMEs and has joined the new B20 Digitization Task Force.   This task force covers amongst other important issues topics close to our heart such as cross border data flow, cyber security and supporting competitiveness of SMEs through digitization.   During the meeting on December 2nd, 2106 the Digitization Taskforce debated these topics and the outcome of the discussion was documented in the B20 draft policy statement to be discussed in a further meeting in spring.

Please note:  The work of the B20 Cross-thematic Group on SMEs and the Digitization Task Force overlaps, hence BIIA summarized its comments in a combined document to be considered in both forums.

During the digitalization taskforce meeting in Berlin (Dec. 2nd, 2016) the taskforce discussed the first draft of the policy paper.  During the discussion the first taskforce members gave feedback on the policy paper and the further taskforce work.  After the meeting, nineteen additional, written feedbacks have been received (including BIIA).

To download BIIA’s comments please click on this link: 2016 December Berlin Meeting BIIA comments combined document

To download the recent Digitization Task Force B20 draft policy statement, please click on this link:  20161202_B20_Digitalization_Summary_Feedback 1st draft

We expect a B20 draft policy statement from the B20 Cross-thematic Group on SMEs shortly which will  be posted on this website.  For further information contact: Joachim C Bartels at