Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM), announced a new partnership with DataXpand, the first international data management platform (DMP) and data/audience marketplace, which launches Acxiom’s Latin America, Spain, and U.S. Hispanic digital audience.

Acxiom clients may now tap into data on internet behavior, interests, and demographics to market their products and services to a vast new population of consumers in the digital ecosystem. Acxiom will also become DataXpand’s distribution partner for audience data in the United States, by connecting DataXpand’s rich, third-party data to Acxiom’s premier digital marketing ecosystem.

“With U.S. Hispanic purchasing power estimated to reach $1.7 trillion in 2017, digital and mobile advertising spend slated to top $20.5 billion in Latin America by 2019, and household per capita consumption expenditure approaching $17,000 in Spain, these markets present enormous opportunity for marketers,” stated Marc Fanelli, Audience Solutions group vice president at Acxiom. “As a result of this collaboration with DataXpand, Acxiom clients can now reach more than 250 million additional online users, including more than 150 million across 18 countries in the LATAM region.”

Through this partnership, which supports Acxiom’s global data expansion strategy, agencies, platforms, and content publishers may now reach more than 35 percent of Latin American, Spanish, and U.S. Hispanic internet users, and target these users based across more than 500 distinct clusters. Age, gender, interest, intent, and brand discovery data enable a true people-based marketing strategy, ensuring marketers reach consumers when, where, and how it is most effective. Marketers can have confidence they are accessing a privacy-compliant data set to which Acxiom’s gold standards of data due diligence and permissibility have been applied, and consumers benefit by receiving more relevant marketing offers via the channels they prefer.

“Acxiom has long been recognized for its leadership in curating the best and most reliable audience clusters, based on how users browse the internet, and show interest or intent,” noted Sebastian Yoffe, cofounder and managing director of DataXpand. “Thanks to this novel partnership, together we can now help global marketers execute successful audience-based digital programs focused on Hispanics in the U.S., as well as consumers in Spain and across the LATAM region. Additionally, by working together, DataXpand and Acxiom are enabling expanded data and distribution capabilities for our shared clients.”

About DataXpand

DataXpand is the first International Data Management Platform (DMP) and Data/Audience Marketplace with truly global scale and reach. DataXpand provides rich third-party data for previously untouched markets including Europe, U.S. Hispanics, Central, South America and the Caribbean. Through our premium publisher partners, we create the best and most reliable audience clusters based on how users browse, search, show interest or intent. DataXpand currently has partnerships with more than 350 publishers, 250 million unique users and is integrated with more than 40 platforms.

Source: Acxiom Press Release