Cedar Rose International Services has won the CCR Credit Excellence Award in Export & International Credit Management for the second year in succession.

The prize was awarded at a special event held at the Guoman Tower Hotel in Central London, and was recognition of Cedar Rose’s work in recent years to increase the availability of personal and company records in the developing world.

The judges were particularly impressed by the company’s pioneering spirit: “The winner has developed a unique product that fills a need for international credit information, which is, historically, difficult to obtain with any reliability or accuracy in this geographic segment. The presentation was very professional and clearly demonstrated the benefits of this innovative approach.”

Cedar Rose CEO, Antoun Massaad, speaking from the event, said of the win: “This award is a further vindication of the bold decisions we’ve taken in recent years. Some of the services we are offering now would have been unimaginable even five years ago – now they’re available at the click of a button. It’s incredibly rewarding to have our hard work recognised by the rest of the industry and I would like to dedicate this award to all of our staff at our offices in Cyprus and Lebanon.”

The awards ceremony was part of a day of activities designed to bring together some of the leading names from across the credit industry. During the day prior to the ceremony, Cedar Rose CEO Antoun Massaad gave two talks to conference delegates, first on ‘Trading in the Middle East’ and then on ‘Threat Awareness, Risk and Data’.

Founded in 1997 with the mission to bring risk mitigation practices in the Middle East and North Africa up to global standards, Cedar Rose has since risen to become the leading provider of Business Intelligence services across the MENA and increasingly in developing markets farther afield. The company continues to increase the breadth and depth of its coverage and offers a number of services that simply cannot be found elsewhere. To find out more about what Cedar Rose can do for you, visit