The solution is the latest in a series of online legal research innovations from LexisNexis that help legal professionals drive better outcomes for their business and their clients

March 8, 2011 — NEW YORK — LexisNexis, ( a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, today announced Lexis Advance for Associates will be the next tool released on the company’s New Lexis technology platform.

Lexis Advance for Associates is aimed at serving primary users of online legal research such as associates at law firms and staff attorneys at corporations and in government. Core elements of the product deliver a number of easy to use features for them, including an intuitive single search interface that eliminates the need to select sources before searching and cuts out multiple steps in the search process. It also offers users the control to find relevant search results faster and more confidently with pre- and post- search filters. Furthermore, work folders allow for easy storage and access to previous work.

In addition to these capabilities, LexisNexis has developed other ground breaking tools core to the product and designed specifically for associates. With these, users are able to conduct a more holistic and efficient research process than ever before. They are also able to view, manage and act upon results directly within the context of their everyday work.

Source:  LexisNexis Press Release