GBG Digital Risk Management and Intelligence platform named of Best AI / Machine Learning Innovation of the Year 2021 and Cyber Risk Solution of the Year 2020

Reduce missed fraud and false positives in real-time with proven success

Cyber fraud has grown in complexity and volume in tandem with the increasing number of online activities. Financial institutions are continuously meeting challenges to mitigate the slew of bot, malware, phishing, social engineering attacks and identity crime. To accurately prevent fraud without impacting customer experience, machine learning / AI is required to constantly uncover, analyse and obtain real-time alerts on implicit inconsistencies in behavior, which are not an act of human error.

Contrary to the belief that machine learning model training requires a long runway, the GBG Digital Risk Management and Intelligence platform is able to train and deploy models significantly faster than what the industry typically offers. Stemming from a single end to end platform, data from origination and transactions passes directly into the machine learning models, bypassing the need for data extraction to result in a shorter lead time.Re-calibrate your digital fraud and compliance risk prevention performance. Schedule a demo for a deep-dive into our award-winning solution now.

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Source:  GBGroup.