The future world of credit professionals is bound to be exiting and challenging due to the arrival of a new technology  –  3D Printing.  

What the Internet did for our way of communication and the availability of data, 3D Printing will do for manufacturing.   Products may be offered cheaper as entire supply chains between manufacturers and consumers will disappear.   Working in credit management will come exciting, challenging and will require a lot of adjustment in order to monitor new risk and to handle the expected level of collections from individuals.

Theses predictions were made by Arnold Geelhoed,  Credit Director EMEA, Elsevier BV, which were published recently in an article in Business Credit, a publication for credit professionals of the National Association of Credit Management.  To read the entire article click on this link:  BC-JulAug13_Geelhoed (3)

Courtesy NACM – National Association of Credit Management