ABC Germany, a German B2B supplier search engines, was sold by BISNODE to the Dutch Avant Invest B.V. in June of 2012.  Little is known about ABC’s progress under the new ownership.  The ABC website lacks transparency, an essential element in business transactions.

ABC advertises the following product lines as per the ABC website.

  • ABC for Sales:  As a sales agent you want to make sure that you reach the desired target groups. The ABC site is your marketing tool of choice to fulfil that purpose. Every day the ABC B2B website is used by 12,000 professionals, each of whom is searching for suppliers for their primary processes.

After viewing and comparing various suppliers in the database they shortlist the companies that will be invited for an introductory meeting. This procedure adds to the efficiency of your sales meetings as the prospects involved will have a genuine interest in your company. Moreover, because ABC provides your potential client’s company profile, both of you will enter the meeting armed with ample information.

  • ABC for Marketing:  In addition to extensive business in the B2B database ABC, you can also come to us for various marketing services like Google Adwords and Email Marketing. Through the combination of business data and marketing products you can use ABC Business Directories for effective marketing campaigns to expand and thereby increase your brand awareness and sales!

Companies can find each other though the online ABC platform and be found by others based on their specific specialties. Thus ABC fills the existing need for quick access to adequate information about trade partners. ABC Business Directories has been the market leader in national B2B business information for more than 65 years.

  • ABC for Purchasing: Professional buyers need to find the answer to tens of questions every day: which suppliers offer the products I need? Which suppliers could we use? What is the geographical position of my business relations? Working with ABC is your secure route to finding an answer to all these business questions.

ABC der Wirtschaft Geo ScopeIn our internet age, national borders play an ever decreasing role in the search for suitable suppliers.  With offices in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, ABC clearly responds to this need in the market.  Our website provides easy access to all these countries, allowing you to search for new customers and suppliers on both a national and international level. It also comes in handy when you quickly need information about exporting companies in these countries. And although we may speak a different language, the ABC principle is the same everywhere. Due to our unique keyword system you’ll have no problem finding all the business information you need to support your purchasing or selling activities in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

ABC is owned by the Dutch private equity company Avant Invest B.V.  which is an investment / holding company, for mainly B2B database and lead generation activities. 

Source:  ABC Website