Aberdeen Group LogoAberdeen Group,  a leader in data, analytics and content solutions for the technology market, announced a suite of new offerings to empower B2B organizations to out-market, outsell and ultimately beat the competition.  Aberdeen Group is the only company to offer and integrate data, advanced analytics and content solutions to empower sales, marketing and leadership teams to distill smart data science into actionable moments.

Today’s announcement comes fewer than six months after Halyard Capital, a New York-based private equity fund, Charlie Stryker, the thought leader in the data industry, and Gary Skidmore, former President of Harte Hanks, acquired Harte Hanks Market Intelligence, a leading technology data and analytics company, and The Aberdeen Group, a leading content marketing company. The two companies merged to form Aberdeen Group and have fully integrated their respective capabilities to offer B2B organizations the ability to seamlessly:

  • Target potential customers: Using the industry’s most comprehensive technology data set of more than 10 million business profiles, Aberdeen Group can identify specific installed technologies, planned purchase initiatives and content interests at the individual decision maker level, allowing technology sales and marketing professionals to refine their targeting efforts like never before.
  • Track audiences in real time: Aberdeen Group allows customers to actively monitor specific customer segments for real-time technology buying signals and content interests, giving salespeople and marketers an advantage when prioritizing their selling efforts and creating messaging to specific individual accounts.
  • Act with smart demand programs: Technology organizations can take advantage of Aberdeen Group’s robust content library and offerings to provide trusted, relevant content at every stage in the buying journey to convert prospects into customers.

Aberdeen Group will unveil a number of new data, analytics and content solutions underscoring the company’s commitment to help technology marketing and sales teams outperform in their markets.

About Aberdeen Group:

Aberdeen Group is a technology data and content company that helps tech sales and marketing executives distill smart data and analytics into actionable moments. We help companies win through our unique targeting capabilities (using the CI Technology Data Set), advanced analytics using our own innovative proprietary and public data sources, and our original and research based content engine.

Source: News.sys-con.com