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To gain the maximum amount of benefit and support from the association we recommend joining as a Full Member.  

Full Membership:

A full member participates actively in the governance of the association, can be elected to the Board of Directors and has a key voice in regulatory matters and industry policy.

  • Active participation in association governance
  • Active participation in industry advocacy
  • Participation on panels at BIIA events – reduced conference fees
  • Full Voting Rights and Board representation (when elected by the membership)
  • Active participation in key committees (regulatory / industry standards or others)
  • BIIA Newsletter for any designated management & staff member
    • The BIIA Newsletter is published twice monthly (Except August and December)
    • Password for Access to the Newsletter archive, for members only articles and documents
  • A welcome banner advertisement on
  • Basic listing in the BIIA membership directories
  • Password to to access for members only posts, alerts and key industry reports.  Approximately 20% – 25% of the content which is posted on is password protected
  • The BIIA website ( ) has become one of the largest reference sites for the business information industry
  • Full member contributions:
    • For full members we will publish from time to time documentation concerning their role in a national economy with full logo displayed and respective links to their website and articles
    • We will publish White Papers and Best Demonstrated Practices as well as all press releases.
    • We will provide priority news coverage

For more information on how to become a BIIA Member including other membership categories that might be available and the annual membership fees payable please contact Ingrid Riehl, BIIA Head of Member Services @

How to activate your membership?

You can register here or provide the following details by e-mail:

  1. Company legal name
  2. Company logo (JPEG format)
  3. Address and communication details
  4. Name and e-mail address of principle contact
  5. Names and e-mail addresses of those who are to receive direct communication from BIIA plus the newsletter alert
  6. A one page description of company services for the membership directory with links to the appropriate websites:
  7. Interest in a directorship (for Full Members only)
  8. Billing Instructions:  Person responsible for paying the membership fee).

Membership will become effective on receipt of payment.  The membership will be automatically renewed unless cancelled 6 months prior to expiration.

We look forward to your participation in important industry advocacy initiative.

Ingrid Riehl
Head of Member Services / Administration


Why being a member of BIIA will benefit your organisation

The Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) is a trade association for providers of a wide range of business and consumer information services which help businesses manage both growth and risk.

Our members’ business interests cover a wide spectrum of services including credit reporting, information content, platforms, workflow software, decision systems, compliance and risk assessment tools.

Membership of the Association provides businesses with a number of important benefits

  • Outreach
    • BIIA has established one of the largest global networks of business information providers with over 70 members and connecting over 4,000 information professionals.
  • Information Resources
    • Through the BIIA portal ( and its newsletter, BIIA provides a wealth of information for members, users, regulators and the general public on the latest developments in business and consumer information and its value for users and national economies as a whole.
    • The BIIA portal containing over 14,000 articles has become a recognized important resource on standards, trends, technological developments and policies.   Readership is Global.
    • The association monitors business developments and company announcements on a daily basis covering acquisitions / divestitures, product development/introductions, partnerships, international expansion and information professionals on the move.
    • BIIA also monitors related industry sectors which impact business and consumer information services and its users such as financial services, fintech, cryptocurrencies, traditional payment services, new sources of data, predictive analytics, e-commerce and intelligent trading platforms.
  • Networking
    • The association provides a neutral open forum for its members to debate and resolve common issues with users, regulators, government and the public information sector. We advocate a legal regulatory environment which supports the information users and the information industry.
  • Industry Advocacy
    • The association provides industry advocacy support for its members by monitoring the regulatory environment and by participating in forums with regulators. The associations industry advocacy effort is led by the BIIA regulatory committee.  Members benefit from a wide range of expertise and best demonstrated practices.
  • Expertise and Knowledge
    • The BIIA board of directors consist of a group of volunteers who have an extensive knowledge of the various information industry segments with many years of combined experience which is available to support members:.
  • Market Engagement
    • The association represents the interests of its membership by participating in international and regional committees that focus on information services such as the World Bank International Committee on Credit Reporting.
    • The association also represents the interest of its membership by being actively involved in regional initiatives that seek to develop the information that is available to support growth in region such as the Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) estblished as part of the work of the APEC / ABAC financial infrastructure development forums.
January 2023