ACCIS image001-1This report summarises the results from the third survey of ACCIS members, the first being undertaken in 2010 and the second in 2012. It continues to build on our learning’s from the previous surveys and covers a number of key questions around the supply, collection and access to data held by credit bureaux and the legislation that covers credit reporting in the member country.

One of the primary purposes of our Association is to represent our members in discussions and negotiations with regulators. ACCIS has a clear objective to support the most comprehensive model of data sharing on behalf of our members. Ideally, that model should include both negative and positive data, across all forms of credit from the secured mortgage to the unsecured consumer credit products and also utilities such as mobile and fixed phones as well as utilities such as energy and water.

Whilst such a depth and breadth of data is a goal for many of our members, there is no doubt that some are nearer than others. We can continue to learn from each other and help to show both regulators and consumers groups that data sharing can be a winning model for consumers, lenders and the economy as a whole.

We would like to thank all the ACCIS members who responded to the latest survey and helped us to put together this information and Civitta, management consulting company, who undertook the analysis. Our special thanks also go to members of the Market and Industry Information Work Stream, led by Executive Committee member, Peter van den Bosch, for their guidance, input and management of this significant and important project.

We would welcome your feedback on the survey and any ideas you may have for new data items to be collected in the next survey which we will be looking to undertake in 2017.

The Executive Committee of ACCIS

To download the survey click on this link: REPORT_ACCIS_2015 SURVEY OF MEMBERS FINAL

Courtesy:  ACCIS