Amex Advance combines predictive insights with Acxiom InfoBase® to increase marketing effectiveness

Acxiom (Nasdaq: ACXM), the data foundation for the world’s best marketers, and Amex Advance, a personalization services business within American Express, announced the launch of a joint data-driven offering to predict purchase intent across the broad U.S. consumer population. Acxiom’s Predictive Intent Segments, powered by Amex Advance, uses advanced machine learning to predict when consumers will be in-market for a purchase by combining spending insights from American Express’ network with Acxiom’s InfoBase® data and first-party customer data. Audiences created through the partnership help marketers increase effectiveness by engaging consumers with relevant offers when they are most ready to buy.

When marketers are unable to identify and reach consumers before they take action, campaigns can be inefficient and wasteful.  In teaming up with Amex Advance, Acxiom is able to increase marketing effectiveness by developing audiences based on valuable, predictive insights that go beyond the standardized lists that are commonly available today.

Amex Advance analyzes the vast majority of the $1 trillion in annual spend on the American Express network – data that has been anonymized and aggregated – to develop predictive insights. These insights are applied to Acxiom’s InfoBase data, the richest, most ethically sourced third-party data asset available, to create customized audience segments predicted to have the highest intent to spend. Audiences developed from the joint offering can be activated across channels and devices at national scale by Acxiom, using processes that respect and protect consumer privacy. To ensure American Express® Card Member privacy, Amex Advance never shares personal data with Acxiom Audience Solutions or its clients–only anonymized scores and insights.

About Amex Advance

Amex Advance is a data-driven business that partners with companies across the advertising, travel and service industries to deliver curated personalization services optimized for their customers. Leveraging best-in-class predictive machine learning, deep consumer insights, connectivity capabilities and an integrated platform, Amex Advance transforms its deterministic data insights into customized solutions to solve partners’ key business challenges.

Source: Acxiom