Self-service tool makes Acxiom data searchable and supports audience sizing, segmentation and distribution across the Acxiom digital partner ecosystem

Acxiom® (NASDAQ: ACXM), the data foundation for the world’s best marketers, today announced the Acxiom Audience Cloud™, a self-service tool for accessing Acxiom data that allows marketers to find the right audience for their campaigns, adjust the size, test new segments and distribute audiences throughout the marketing ecosystem via LiveRamp, their preferred onboarder, or native PII-based integrations.

As a tool for advanced cross-channel audience management, Acxiom Audience Cloud enables agencies and marketers to generate audiences at a targeted level, while adhering to applicable privacy rules and laws. Agencies and marketers now have an on-demand tool that uses AND/OR and NOT advanced logic and generates counts in seconds for custom built audiences and delivers those audiences to hundreds of programmatic and premium publishers across desktop, mobile and social channels.  Audiences can be targeted by:

  • Known Characteristics – such as age range, income, interests, etc.
  • Propensities – prebuilt look-alike audiences who are in-market, have a specific brand preference, etc.
  • Geography – by state, ZIP code, Area Code, etc.
  • Suppression – upload your file to exclude existing customers or use criteria to remove specific attributes from your audience

For instance, a media planner using Acxiom Audience Cloud can obtain counts in real time for affluent couples without children who have a high propensity for luxury cars and are active investors, and distribute this hypertargeted audience across Acxiom’s publisher partner ecosystem.

“Acxiom Audience Cloud radically simplifies the process for creating and distributing audiences created from Acxiom data, resulting in better campaign planning, optimized marketing spend and increased ROI,” said Andy Johnson, vice president, data and product management, Audience Solutions at Acxiom. “Now agencies and marketers can benefit from direct access to advanced audience management capabilities for true cross-channel marketing at scale, using this solution which includes the ethical use of data considerations, a/k/a privacy, in the design layer.”

The Audience Cloud offers:

  • Access to Acxiom’s robust demographic and predictive data built over 45 years
  • Industry-leading identity resolution technology for people-based marketing using Acxiom’s proprietaryAbiliTec® to accurately recognize consumers across the digital ecosystem
  • On-demand audience sizes for planning with industry-leading reach
  • Distributed audiences available in hours
  • Privacy-safe data anonymization and matching within Acxiom’s Safe Haven® to protect consumer privacy.

Source: Acxiom Press Release