Mexico Activation and Extended Collaboration with 4INFO Meet Increased Global Demand for Safe and Ethical People-Based Marketing Solutions

Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM), the data foundation for the world’s best marketers, announced it has launched its InfoBase® consumer database and AbiliTec® Identity Resolution offering in Mexico, enabling companies to reach 78 million unique individuals, covering 84 percent of all adults. Acxiom clients and partners can now access rich third-party, ethically sourced and regionally compliant consumer insights across Mexico’s online and offline ecosystems to better market their products and services and to manage customer engagement strategies across today’s vast and borderless digital landscape. When brands better understand consumers’ needs and preferences, consumers are able to engage in more meaningful ways with the brands they love.

In a highly fragmented data market, advertisers seek data capabilities to facilitate more accurate and powerful identification, enrichment and targeting of customers and prospects across Mexico. Acxiom’s InfoBase for Mexico brings together many local market data sources to create the richest third-party data asset available in the country and offers unparalleled demographic information, geo-statistical data – like age, property, affluence and education – and rich digital behavioral segments. “We have decades of experience vetting and curating data for the world’s largest brands,” said Marc Fanelli, GVP of global data and analytics at Acxiom. “Our clients are excited Acxiom can now deliver those deep consumer insights in Mexico.”

Acxiom’s AbiliTec for Mexico provides clients a new solution that helps accurately identify people across the region using an identity graph that brings together multiple local market sources to create the richest, most comprehensive consumer recognition asset available, providing insights that allow marketers to create better customer experiences. With data ethically obtained and compliant with local and national laws, Acxiom’s broad identity and consumer insight capabilities offer the ability to cleanse, correct, identify and complete customer data, making it ready for activation across channels. Identity is foundational to omnichannel engagement with people, and this enhanced offering provides concrete benefits for any company doing business in Mexico and is the first step to better connecting with their global audience.

As part of this launch, Acxiom has expanded its partnership with 4INFO, which has built a mobile-first, cross-screen marketing technology platform that enables brands to accurately target consumers with incredible precision. Acxiom taps 4INFO’s proprietary, patented device matching technology to deterministically map people to a persistent ID that acts as connective tissue for people to their devices and data for audience activation in Mexico. This unique and differentiated solution leverages the proven capabilities of both Acxiom and 4INFO to create a powerful digital activation solution that enables measurement, with the ability to marry offline transaction data with online behavior to more accurately match target audiences.

This expansion into Mexico by Acxiom and 4INFO is the second of several planned partnership expansions in Latin America that enable comprehensive capabilities in people-based marketing. Further, the technology supports numerous verticals that are important to today’s multinational brand marketers, media buying agencies and media, including financial services, automotive and technology.

Acxiom’s best-in-class ethical data use methodology is designed to ensure adherence to data protection rules as well as cross-border requirements while delivering a true borderless experience to clients. By providing partners with important background on data privacy laws and regulations as well as cultural acceptance of targeted marketing, Acxiom helps clients navigate the depth and breadth of data that can be used in Mexico. It also provides an easy, centralized approach for curation, identity management and activation of data.

About 4INFO

4INFO is a leading identity and cross-screen advertising tech company. Born in mobile, 4INFO’s platform features the patented Bullseye ID®— a persistent match key that maps all connected devices in a household to valuable consumer data for marketing insights, targeting and measurement. With unprecedented accuracy, reach and scale, 4INFO’s platform has been proven effective by more than 350 independent measurement studies. Hundreds of brands have relied on 4INFO, including eight of the top 10 CPG companies, six of the 10 largest retailers, seven of the top 10 financial services companies, the five largest auto manufacturers and six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. 4INFO is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit. For more, visit

Source: Acxiom Press Release