According to the German publication „Capital“  Acxiom offers consumer data on 15 million German residents with the characteristics of „Repatriates“, „Non-european Islamic“ , „Balkan“ and „African / South of the Sahara”.  

The characteristics will be determined based on a pre-and surname analysis and matched with public sector information .  Dataprotection advocates in Germany voiced their opposition to this type of personal profiling.

Acxiom Germany (formerly Claritas and Consodata) offers unique services for professional dialogue and micromarketing. The main services encompass everything regarding addresses, updates and analyses of data sets, data collection and implementation, from the most diverse areas of direct contact, the provision of a customer care centre and extend to complex database management in the area of outsourcing. Acxiom has at its disposal market, consumer and address data, as well as the instruments and expertise required for analytical CRM.  Its client base includes companies from the energy, financial services, automobile, healthcare, media, non-profit and telecommunication industries, as well as consumer goods and mail order.

Source:  Password Germany