Acxiom Logo 100Enables Partners to More Precisely Leverage All TV Advertising Platforms, including Addressable, National, Spot Cable, Broadcast, VOD and Online

Acxiom announced the expansion of its advanced TV advertising capabilities, making it easier for partners to use first-party and third-party data to precisely reach consumers with relevant messages across TV platforms and navigate the challenges posed by a fragmented, omnichannel world. These enhancements were fueled by the acquisition late last year of the Audience Interconnect™ television data platform from Allant.

Acxiom TV’s Audience Interconnect™ platform is specifically designed to allow TV partners to:

  • easily research and plan cross-platform TV campaigns using precise audience data
  • automate workflow to streamline segmentation, execution and reporting
  • activate segments across addressable TV, spot TV, national TV, VOD, iTV and online
  • create trustworthy campaign and audience analytics

The combination of Acxiom’s Audience Interconnect™, the Acxiom Data Safe Haven, and Acxiom’s LiveRamp provides partners with the greatest ability to reach audience segments across U.S. households via data-driven ad campaigns. Ad sellers, agencies and brands can activate data across an expanded ecosystem that includes TV partners representing nearly 50M addressable homes and over 100M individuals.

The Audience Interconnect™ supports the creation of segments for TV campaigns using any data source, including:

  • First party CRM and segment data
  • Dozens of leading third party data sources
  • TV partner viewership data

In addition, partners can benefit from privacy-safe access to data for creating objective, independent reporting both pre- and post-campaign. Data can be used to inform segmentation and campaign planning, verify campaign reach and frequency, and perform conversion and cross-channel attribution analysis.

Acxiom’s announcement of the expansion of its targeted TV capabilities was made at CES, the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source:  Acxiom Press Release