Acxiom Logo 100Acxiom announced that it has launched Facebook Partner Categories in Japan. Marketers using Facebook’s targeted advertising solution to reach Japanese consumers can now integrate Acxiom’s offline consumer behavior data and lifestyle attribute datasets into their campaigns.

This solution is accessible from Facebook’s Power Editor advertising tool.

Partner Categories complement Facebook’s targeting based on native user profiles and online behavior data. Using offline consumer behavior from Acxiom’s data, marketers can target beyond Facebook behavior and demographic information to reach audiences in Japan with more relevant, effective ads.

Acxiom joined the Facebook Marketing Partners program in February 2015 as a Partner Categories audience data provider and has expanded to Australia, France, Germany, the U.S. and the U.K. With its latest launch in Japan, Acxiom is Facebook’s largest audience data partner by country coverage. Acxiom will continue to contribute to data-driven marketing in Japan and position marketers to succeed by providing the data foundation and deep insights from its long history in this market.

Source: Acixom Press Release