Acxiom Logo 200Connects the Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Acxiom a customer data solutions and marketing services company, acquired privately held San Francisco based LiveRamp in 2014, the leading service for onboarding customer data into digital marketing applications, for approximately $310 million. Together, Acxiom and LiveRamp became the industry-leading solution for bringing offline customer data online accelerating Acxiom’s vision of a connected ecosystem that delivers true one-to-one marketing at scale.

“With LiveRamp’s launch in Australia and New Zealand, we are very focused on providing brands with the connectivity they need to measure the impact of marketing on sales and deliver singular experiences to consumers across channels,” said Acxiom Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Dean Capobianco.

“The digital revolution has greatly transformed the marketing landscape, and the ability to easily connect customer data across various applications and channels has become fundamental to every marketer,” continued Capobianco. “Our goal is to unlock new possibilities for data-driven marketers. Through LiveRamp Connect, brands can use offline data from their CRM, email, and point-of-sale (POS) systems to reach consumers across digital marketing channels – and then tie online campaigns back to purchases that take place in stores, branch locations, or over the phone. We intend to empower everyone in the ecosystem with better data, insights, and results.”

The first public demo of LiveRamp Connect will be at the upcoming ADMA Techmix event on Friday the 15th May. “The whole Acxiom team is very excited to show the Australian market how onboarding all of their offline customer (CRM) data into their marketing platforms can improve targeting and optimisation of customer activity across the digital and programmatic landscape.” said Capobianco.