Acxiom® announced the unveiling of, perhaps one of the first online consumer portals of its kind that allows individuals to view and update core data elements that are part of the information Acxiom makes available to advertisers for digital marketing.

In its website ‘’ Acxiom states: “If you want to get the best advertising delivered to you, based on your actual interests, start here. Tell us who you are so we can show you the information used to fuel many of the marketing offers you receive from advertisers using Acxiom’s digital marketing data.”

“If this is your first time here, visit the New User section. To make sure we are accessing information about the correct person, we ask for some personal information, which we then compare to our Authentication system. We do this for your protection so that we can verify that we are only giving access to Acxiom’s digital Marketing Data about you.” represents another step in Acxiom’s continued journey to empower consumers by giving them new educational tools to gain a better understanding of how marketing data is used, and the ability to update the marketing data Acxiom has about people according to their preferences.  This will result in more relevant offerings and better online experiences for the consumer.