Acxiom is preparing to step out of the shadows of obscurity, according to an article published by the Financial Times

With data brokers coming under Congressional and regulatory scrutiny Acxiom’s chief marketing and strategy officer Tim Suther feels the time is right for the industry to become more transparent.

Suther told the FT in a recent interview: “We live in an era when transparency is important.  We’re listening to that and trying to be even more transparent with people who are interested in understanding what companies like Acxiom do with information.”  He added:  “Consumers are often unaware of the existence of data brokers as well as the purposes for which they collect and use consumers’ data,” the FTC said in December. “This lack of transparency also means that even when data brokers offer consumers the ability to access their data, or provide other tools, many consumers do not know how to exercise this right.”

Consumer education in financial literary and much improved transparency concerning credit reporting has lifted the image of consumer credit bureaus.  The move by Acxiom is indeed a welcomed development in lifting the veil of consumer marketing data services.

Source:  Financial Times