Acxiom revenue (quarter ending June 30th 2013) was $266 million, down 2 percent compared to $272 million for the prior-year period.  Income from operations decreased 5 percent to $24 million in the current quarter, compared to $25 million in the prior year.

  • Acxiom Results June 2013Marketing and Data Services revenue decreased 2 percent to $188 million in the quarter, compared to $192 million;
  • IT Infrastructure Management revenue decreased 1 percent to $69 million in the current quarter compared to $70 million.
  • Other Services: Revenue was $9 million, flat as compared to the prior-year period. Operating income was $1 million compared to a loss of $2 million in the prior period.

The company intends to launch the Acxiom Audience Operating System™ on September 24th in New York City during AdWeek. The Acxiom Audience Operating System is an innovative new technology that powers more effective marketing decisions through better data, valuable insights and powerful applications.

“The Audience Operating System is set to launch at AdWeek,” said Acxiom CEO Scott Howe. “We are pleased with our development progress and with the support we are receiving from our customers, prospects and agencies. We believe our technology is ground-breaking and will redefine marketing. For the first time marketers, agencies and publishers will have one to one marketing capabilities at scale across all channels and devices.”

The company has recently experienced client losses in the IT Infrastructure Management business, in addition to those previously disclosed in its fiscal 2013 annual report.  The company estimates it will report revenue of $65 to $70 million in fiscal 2014 for all IT Infrastructure customers who have given notice of termination. Given the timing of these terminations, the company is not changing its overall financial guidance for fiscal 2014. We do, however, expect the fiscal 2015 revenue contribution from these customers to be negligible.