Acxiom Logo 200Company Relaunches Digital Impact, its Email and Cross-Channel Marketing Business as Acxiom Impact, an Advanced Marketing Offering Specifically Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Sophisticated Enterprise Marketers

Acxiom® announced the relaunch of Digital Impact, Acxiom’s email and cross-channel marketing platform and services business, under the new name Acxiom Impact™.  The relaunch reflects a new platform release and improved services specifically designed to meet the needs of sophisticated enterprise marketers.

he relaunched Acxiom Impact platform and services are part of the company’s growth strategy to consistently deliver innovation that enables 1:1 marketing at scale, and provide marketers with tools and solutions that improve digital marketing efficiency.

The Acxiom Impact platform offers a wide breadth of features specifically designed to support the more complex needs of large-scale, sophisticated marketers seeking more advanced and targeted marketing strategies. Advanced features of the platform include data-rich targeting and personalization, flexible analytics and reporting, cross-enterprise collaboration tools and cross-channel orchestration capabilities.

Acxiom Impact is a recognized leader in client satisfaction and marketing services, and specializes in providing the dedicated and highly responsive client service and expertise that enterprise marketers demand. To enable its clients to implement more advanced and impactful marketing techniques, Acxiom Impact provides a broad range of leading marketing services, including campaign operations, analytics, marketing strategy, technical solutions and award-winning creative. In 2015, Acxiom Impact has received 31 awards for its creative work, including the 2015 Internet Advertising Competition Awards (IAC) and the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts Communicator Awards.