announced its first quarter results on Tuesday. For the quarter ended 31st March 2008, revenues were US$97.2 million – a 53% compared with the same quarter in 2007. Net income grew by an impressive 112% to US$43.0 million even excluding the significant one-time interest income received from oversubscriptions during the company’s Hong Kong IPO last November.

The revenue from the International Marketplace was US$66 million, an increase of 43% year-on-year. China Marketplace revenues jumped by 81% year-on-year reaching US$30.8 million. The total number of registered users on both marketplaces was 29.7 million – 4.9 million in the International Marketplace and 24.8 million in the China Marketplace. The number of paid users was over 327,000.  Source: BSG Hong Kong

BIIA Newsletter May – 2008 Issue