B2B e-commerce platform Alibaba.com announced last week a series of new measures designed to tackle fraudulent sellers on its international sourcing website. The new measures at in response to the uncovering of approximately 100 Alibaba.com sales staff found to be involved with or responsible for over 2,300 fraudulent vendors on Alibaba.com in February this year.

The new program will include on-site inspections of all China Gold Suppliers listed on the company’s international website, Alibaba.com. As a result, the company aims to visit roughly, 112,000 China Gold Suppliers for verification over the course of the next year.

A third-party inspection service will also be introduced to carry out random, unannounced checks on manufacturers. In addition, overseas buyers using Alibaba.com can also hire inspectors in China to verify the shipment of goods online.

Source:  Business Strategies Group Hong Kong