According to the Financial Times (Aug 14th, 2009) Alibaba is said to be close to an acquisition in China.  Quoting chief executive David Wei “We are relatively close to making an announcement in the coming months … and the acquisition was not global in nature.”

Speculations are now abound in respect to the target or target services.   Although Alibaba is going global it has its focus on the China domestic market with its millions of SMEs.  It has also set its sights previously on verification, content and research services.   Another possibility is to expand its reach into sourcing verticals.

Alibaba is also said to be in partnership talks with a number of companies in the USA.  The deals are part of an aggressive expansion drive.  Alibaba has focused on the small and medium size business segments that are turning to e-commerce to win orders.  Alibaba’s exposure to millions of SMEs makes it a lead indicator on export trends.

Source: Financial Times

BIIA Newsletter September 2009 Issue