Alibaba Group’s Alibaba Cloud Computing (“AliCloud”) subsidiary has released an online search engine,

The site currently offers web, news, photo, and map search functions, as well as a “popular suggestions” section at the bottom of the search box displaying popular user searches. The site’s map search is powered by Chinese digital map provider AutoNavi (Nasdaq: AMAP).

AliCloud has previously developed search technology as a part of its “Aliyun Open Search” product, a web architecture product currently in beta testing designed for site developers that allows for quick in-site searches for site users.   Source:

Following the announcement the shares of Baidu dropped to US$92 (-2.3%). The were a number of sell-side notes:  Goldman has removed Baidu from its Sustain China list, and is once more raising concerns about mobile’s impact on ad sales (previous). Citi is also worried about mobile – the firm estimates mobile search ad click-through rates are 1/10 of PC levels – and is refuting fresh reports of Baidu acquiring a controlling stake in top Chinese mobile browser maker UCweb.

Source:  SeekingAlpha