BSG has noted that some of the B2B media stocks that we track have increased remarkably over the past 3 to 4 months. In particular, the B2B online companies with a China-focus have done well. These increases are far in excess of the general market increases. Since the first week of April, Kenfair which is listed in Hong Kong is up 94% rising from HK$0.62 to HK$1.20. Earlier this month, Kenfair closed as high as HK$1.69, but the price has pulled back considerably since then.

Global Sources is up 62% in the same period. At the beginning of April, Global Sources was trading at US$14.76 and yesterday the NASDAQ-listed stock closed at US$23.91. Zhejiang Netsun has increased from just over RMB50 in April to RMB79.38 yesterday – an increase of 53% which makes it the most expensive stock on the Shenzhen exchange.  Hong Kong-listed TradeEasy is up an impressive 143%. In the same period, the NASDAQ rose 12.3% and The Hang Seng Index increased by nearly 17%. All of this may be the result of anticipation of the Alibaba IPO which will likely occur in Hong Kong in September. With that in mind, it will certainly be worthwhile watching how these shares performance in the coming six months. Source: BSG Analysis

BIIA Newsletter July – 2007 Issue