Riding on the coattails of its first annual conference in Detroit aimed at connecting U.S. businesses with Chinese consumers, Alibaba Group has launched a new website to support the effort.

Dubbed the Taobao Global U.S. Merchants Network, the company said it will provide small and medium-size businesses in the U.S. with access to more than 500 million consumers that are on Alibaba’s ecommerce platform.

“The merchants who join this network are experts on Chinese consumers and are continually seeking new, unique American products for the millions of Chinese consumers they reach on Taobao,” said President Michael Evans in a statement covered by the media. “Being a part of this network will enable these merchants to more efficiently identify and work with U.S. small businesses to bring their products to Chinese consumers.” Alibaba said the merchants network is launching with more than 300 American members.

The network launches with over 300 US-based Taobao Global merchant members. An onsite matchmaking event at last month’s Gateway ’17 conference in Detroit connected 60 U.S. small businesses with 45 Taobao Global merchants. The network also held events in New York and Los Angeles in late June, attracting nearly 200 Taobao Global merchants and US small businesses.

Source: Investopedia