Allows Martech pioneer to re-focus on core vision and take advantage of boom in RTIM sector

Following a management buy-out of the Campaigns business unit from SDL [LSE: SDL], the leader in language translation and global content management, the Alterian brand has re-emerged as a Cross-Channel Campaign and Real Time Interaction Management (RTIM) software provider.  The new company will be privately held and headquartered in Denver, USA, with European operations based in Bristol, UK, and APAC operations based in Sydney, Australia.

“Earlier this year we announced we would focus on our technology-enabled language business where we have the clear opportunity to be a world leader and where language will be a key differentiator,” said SDL’s CEO, Adolfo Hernandez.  “We worked hard to more clearly understand our clients’ needs and how to better align our product and services offering to them. This led to our decision to divest those parts of our business which were not central to this focus, namely Campaigns, Social Intelligence and Fredhopper.”

This move allowed the senior executive team from Campaigns to buy out the business, in partnership with Allomer Capital Group, along with the Alterian brand, and re-focus on its strengths in cross-channel campaign and real time interaction management—a fast growing sector.

“We want to help marketers bridge the gap between direct and digital marketing needs. We deliver on this promise by providing our clients with the ability to bring the rich history of consumer transactional data together with the real time context of how the consumer is interacting with the brand to provide a unique and consistent customer experience across channels,” commented Robert Hale, CEO of Alterian.

Steven Chang, Founding Partner of Allomer Capital Group, said “We are excited to partner with management in Alterian’s next stage of growth as a standalone company. We believe in Alterian’s strength in marketing software and the opportunity presented by this quickly evolving sector.  We look forward to investing in Alterian to provide our customers with a superior product solution.”

Following the well-funded management buyout, the company mission is to re-establish the Alterian brand and leverage its leadership in the cross-channel campaign management and Real Time Interaction space. The company has over 200 clients worldwide including leading brands such as Thomas Cook and Scottish Power in the UK, Mitsubishi Motors North America and Direct General in the USA, and Specsavers and Specialty Fashion Group in Australia.

“Data alone is not enough—it’s about how you can employ that data to deliver an exceptional and contextually relevant experience to your customers consistently across channels, through consolidated decision making,” Hale continued.

Alterian’s ambitions are also supported by its numerous long-term partners such as Indicia, a customer engagement agency in the global group Konica Minolta. “The data generated by the interactions between brands and their customers needs to be managed, understood and used effectively – that’s where Alterian helps. Alterian’s all-encompassing platform capabilities along with its strong product development road map and user-friendly interface, make it one of our strongest partners and have made a significant contribution to the growth and success of our business,” says Ryan Shannon, Commercial Director at Indicia.

Alterian and SDL remain closely aligned as business partners, with complementary offering and a shared customer base. This ongoing future relationship ensures stability and continuity for mutual clients.