Scaling Climate Action through Carbon Data & Intelligence | COP26 | Accenture

This year, the UK is hosting the 26th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties – COP26 – in Glasgow. It offers a unique opportunity for the UK to lead on the delivery of ambitious global climate action.

One of the participants in the conference was Accenture’s Senior Managing Director, Rachael Bartels with a message to her audience:

“Being a good climate citizen, as a business, is actually a good business, because it is about taking waste out of the system.  If you are putting more carbon into the air it is wasteful, so every step you can take actually makes you a better business”

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About:  Rachael Bartels is a client account lead, responsible for helping the world’s leading companies (with a focus on chemicals and natural resources) embrace change to create value for people, communities and shareholders. Rachael has over 30 years of experience in consulting, having led projects addressing sustainability, supply chain, business and operations strategy, and customer relationship management.  A dedicated advocate for inclusion and diversity, Rachael sponsors Accenture’s Women’s Executive Leadership program in Europe and has been a sponsor of the company’s Pride initiatives.

Rachael is passionate about harnessing new technologies and process innovations to drive sustainability and business growth. She has been instrumental in developing new business areas for Accenture, including new approaches to worker safety.  She is a frequent speaker at chemicals and mining industry conferences and events. She has also published numerous articles on disruptionsreshaping the chemicals and mining sectors, particularly the emerging opportunities for sustainable revenue streams in the circular economy.

Rachael has held numerous leadership roles at Accenture, including industry managing director for chemicals and natural resources. She has also served on Accenture’s Global and European management committees with responsibility for developing the talent and offerings of Accenture’s function networks and programs.  Rachael joined Accenture in 1988 and became a managing director in 2009. She holds a degree in politics and economics from Smith College in the Northeast United States. She is based in London.