BIIA wrote in March that analytics and platforms are becoming key differentiators in business information services based on a review of company announcements of acquisitions, new product introductions, partnerships, international expansion, new company launches and divestitures.

According to BIIA’s latest observations the trend continues and the pace quickens.  In the first half of 2012 we tracked 165 announcements (see charts).  Companies adding analytics & platforms accounted for 44% of total announcements as compared to 31% in the second half of 2011. 

Many companies resorted to acquisitions and partnerships to add these capabilities (43% of deals), while 42% were new product introductions.  Acquiring unique data assets in B2B and B2C are still in vogue (first half 2012 – 23%), however the overall number of transactions is down from the second half of 2011 – 45% of total.

BIIA has also picked up a new trend which involves consultative services accounting for 7% of announcements.  These consultative services involve actionable professional recommendations going beyond the traditional delivery of data or content solutions.  Services categorized as ‘Other’ include mobile applications, indices, newsletters, document handling etc. which accounted for 18% of announcements.  

BIIA noticed an increase in partnerships where unique data sets and software create better decisions; data sharing leading to better insights or to provide more utility in vertical segments (automotive, health etc.).

BIG Data, as distinct standalone projects, are still relatively small in numbers, however we believe that part of the buildup in analytical capabilities are related to BIG Data preparations.

Source:  BIIA Research