BIIA is tracking announcements of important industry developments covering the mainstream services in business information.   During the first half of 2013 BIIA tracked a sample of 127 announcements:  Analytics, Platforms, (includes Workflow Tools) and Big Data continue to hold the lead over other segments (unchanged from prior year period).   It is noteworthy that announcements concerning platforms were higher (23% versus 16% from prior year period).   Investments in b2b and b2c data content did not change materially.  Compliance services were higher (6% versus 3% from prior year period).

Of interest is the increase of announcements of partnerships (23% versus 19% from prior year period).  Here are some examples:  Companies are combining analytics with data assets of partners to create new insights.  Analytics are being combined with input from research teams.  Merging databases with different characteristics:  CarHistory (damage, flood, stolen etc.).   Merging company insights from different partners permitting high level analysis of risk.  Companies seeking analytics tools to apply to content and unstructured data.   Providing access to new users.  Traditional credit information providers are catching up with compliance services.Announcements First Half 2013 Services

New product announcements accounted for 36% (vs. 23%).  Announcements involving acquisitions were 25%, virtually unchanged from prior year period.  (Source:  BIIA Research).Announcements First half 2013 by method

Enterprise Values in Terms of Revenue Multiples:  According to Marlin & Associates the latest enterprise value multiples for Data & Analytics (for Financial Services) were 4.9 times revenues.  Business Intelligence enterprise values were 3.7 times revenues.  Information & Market Research firms were valued at 3.1 times revenue.  Healthcare Information Software are valued at 2.8 times revenues.